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Published by smmmadden on Thu, 01/10/2019 - 17:54
Issue description

Please consider adding a sort option to the Preferences so we can sort our work appropriately.  When I did my first mod release, the list was unsortable, but manageable.  Now, with my second release, I'm adding many more blocks, items, recipes and logic.  It makes finding something in the workspace very difficult with 160+ elements and I'm not done.


Initially, the list of elements in Workspace should be sorted alphabetically at the very least for both Large and Small text displays.  Currently, it looks like the newest ones created are at the bottom of the list which means we have to scroll repeatedly. But updates have no effect on sort order. 
Other options that would be very helpful to users are:

Add an option to check (select) which elements to sort by
1. Sort by Element Type (Blocks, Fuels, Items, Recipes, etc) - alphabetically by ALL Element Types (allows for grouping "like items" together)
2. Sort by Update Date (last time it was saved/created) 
3. Sort by Element Type (#1) selection (Block, Fuel, Item, Recipe, etc.) - Similar to #1 but only displays selected element types (not all of them)

On the same pages for Large/Small icon/names, include a hover-text that shows the date created/last updated.  This may be harder if no files are being created but since we know the date/time when a user saves it, that could be tracked assuming it wouldn't cause performance issues doing so for a large mod.  Completely optional, but helps during development that spans days, weeks or even months.  -Thanks! Steve

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Issue comments

First, very nice ticket description :)

We will consider adding more sort options to the workspace list in the future updates.

I repost my ticket here.

I have a lot of elements in my different workspaces and I don't find myself anymore.

So can you add possibility to create many folders in our workspace and possibility to name it because like this, it will be much better and more "readable".

Plz Add Creative Tab Sorting As well My Tabs Always Look So Messy And Its Really Annoying!

This feature will be added in 2019.5, except for folder support as we have found that with the current implementation, this would take too long to implement compared to other important features we need to fix first, but we will keep this on our internal TODO.

Demo of item creative tab ordering (kinda unrelated to this ticket, but will be added in 2019.5 too):

Mod element reordering

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