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i have searches but i founded no requests about Custom Music Disks except Unanswered and ignored Forum topics so i suggest it here

A way to add custom Music disks, It would be same like Mob egg, Just define the Centre of the disk color, Or just add your own texture, thats easier, and then you select which of your custom music it plays, so we just right click on jukebox with the disk in hand

Issue comments

You can already add custom discs, it's just a bit tricky, but I did it in my Airpods Mod. You need to create a new item which will be your disc, and you need to create a procedure testing every right click if it is on a jukebox and if the player has the disc in hand. If yes, the music plays, and you need to create another procedure which will be to remove the disc of the jukebox. for this you need to add a variable set to 1 when disc is in jukebox and set to 0 when disc isn't in jukebox. Hope this helps

Idea: "Music" mod element. You're given a choice of what type of music event it is; Ambient (Which plays randomly, client-side, without a source, and can be made biome-specific) or Record (Which requires you to make a disk and is played through jukeboxes). You simply choose a sound file, which biomes it plays in (If any) or what the texture is if it's a music disk. Similarly, custom dimensions could have a "disable Overworld music" option that'd allow you to fully control your dimension's atmosphere. This is just what I thought would be an efficient system.

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