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As you know there is a little (i) near each options in Mod Element creator, When we click on it, it brings us in the search of the website, However, this isn't really an accurate search, 3/4 of times, we don't found what we want and mainly unanswered forum topic

What i am asking is about Block Hardness/Resistance, The little (i) can link somewhere with a Tab of ALL Vanilla Blocks Hardness/Resistance, like it brings you in Minecraft wiki page with all of it explained in more detailed, or directly add a Tab in MCreator itself which bring to a window with not all but most basic Block Hardness/Resistance (dirt, wood, stone, iron block, obsidian, etc...)

Also same things for other mod elements, Instead of bringing to Search of the website where things are not 100% accurate and detailed, Brings to minecraft wiki, Or even MCreator Wiki if you want

Well this ticket is about Improving the support and then less beginners (noobs) coming to forum and saying "what is stone hardness pls?"

No offends to noob and the website :D

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Issue comments

We are working on updating wiki as much as possible. And we have in our internal TODO list planned the change so some of these buttons will open tooltips and other will link to a proper wiki pages.

As this one will be fixed in a more of step by step peace, I am closing this now, but we have this noted in our TODO.

Not all tips are complete yet, so if one would be ready to contribute these tips, leave a comment here :)

Grammarly can fix this ;) I will provide more details on how to contribute once the snapshot is out.

I can help to write them, but I’m not the best to write without mistakes in English. Anyways, if you need help, I’m here. ;)

I'm using it already, it was required for me to pass my Dissertation for BA xD

So here is how to add new tips after the 2020.3 snapshots supporting this feature will be released:

First, the guidelines for help box text:

  1. The text should be no longer than 3 (in rare cases 4) scroll pages (4x the amount user can see in one window before scrolling)
  2. Text should be in the formal English verified with Grammarly
  3. If there is need for a longer explanation, link to MCreator's wiki from the help box
  4. Use existing help boxes from developers for the reference on language style and how the text should be formatted

The text is written in Markdown ( All standard markdown components are supported, but images should not be used.

Now to how to actually add or edit tips:


Existing tips can be found in this ZIP archive: <install dir>/plugins/ - in this zip, go to help folder. Here help tips are sorted based on the context they belong to. All tips have .md extension indicating markdown format.


To add a new tip, click on the question mark with a dotted box around it. The popup will open showing this text:

No help entry is defined for <entry context/entry name> yet.

To add tooltip for this entry, add <entry context/entry name>.md file to help the folder mentioned in the section above. If you want, you can make a new plugin and add help folder in the plugin root (<plugin dir / zip>/help) and the help entries in the same folder structure as in the core plugin will be loaded in MCreator.


To contribute the tips to MCreator (so they are included to the core), you can send us your plugin or customized help folder (only containing the entries you changed for easier reviewing) to our support email or via other communication channels (a new ticket with zipped help folder attached).

For the licensing reasons, we need your agreement to transfer copyright rights of the work on the help tips to Pylo (MCreator), so we can legally distribute them with our software as part of our work.

I hope this wall of text won't scare you. The snapshot is near so I decided to write this up in advance so you can prepare ;)

I am looking forward to your contributions and I hope we can get as many tips to the core MCreator as possible.

No, because 2020.2 does not have any of the components to support this. So the first version supporting this will be the first 2020.3 snapshot.

I got your email, tips were added to the MCreator and you were credited on the changelog :) Thanks!

Tips progress:

Block, biome, and item tips are practically complete.

Currently, the potion type has no tip yet, living entities lack many tips, fluids lack almost all tips, dimension lacks many tips and structure gen lacks many of the tips too, music disc lacks two important tips.

Tips progress:

Advancement, armor, biome, command, dimension, fluid, food, fuel, function, item, key binding, loot table, overlay, recipe, tab and tag tips are completed.

Block tips are practically completed. (Can plant grow, color on map and light opacity have been made.)

Currently, the potion type has no tip yet, living entities lack many tips, structure gen  lacks many of the tips too, music disc lacks two important tips.

Other elements not mentioned need tips too, except for few mod elements that do not have support for tips like custom element, GUI and procedures (I think they are the only elements in this case).

Tips progress (Yeah a second in the same day. The last update would be here two days ago):

Advancement, armor, biome, block, command, dimension, fluid, food, fuel, function, item, key binding, loot table, music disc, overlay, plant, potion effect, ranged item, recipe, tab, tool and tag tips are completed.


Only Living entities, structure spawns and particles tips have to be written now.

Tips progress (Surely the last):

All tips have been made (if I check correctly) with settings of the second snapshot. :)

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