Biome dictionary spawning restriction for mod elements

Published by Goldorion on Sun, 10/27/2019 - 12:10
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Issue description


I think that if we could generate our custom blocks with Biome Dictionnary Types will be really cool and usefull.

Like this, our blocks could be ,generate in specific biome types of other mods too.

Issue comments

I will change this to a more broad request, but nice idea.

Could you also add an option to disable biome dictionary for a certain biome? Because sometimes you want to create a unique biome specific to a dimension that should only be filled with mobs from that dimension

This is not really possible because even if you do not define any biome dictionary entries, the default guesses will be added anyways by the Forge.

We will use a different versioning scheme from now on as with multi-Minecraft support, MCreator 2 roadmap as we defined it is complete. Now it will be time for new features :)

I will make an article about this in the upcoming days.

After more that 2 years, you have finally done the roadmap for MCreator 2.0. It is awesome ! I’m really hyped for the next updates.

Cool, MCreator 2 is finally here! :D

I remember the first time you announced it I thought it was going to be a very remote event, but now it's here! (in a month or so I think)

Anyway, being honest, I liked the old update name format better, it was more memorable because it looked like every version was one step further to the future :(

Old version format did not tell much, it was on 1.x.x since the start, the second number did not tell much too.

New format is more incremental:

<year>.<incremental update number for the year>

Plus a build number to identify patch version, so: is the full version name.

It is much more descriptive and being adopted by many software projects in the past years.

Change is always there, I still remember people being mad at procedures yet the same people now use them ;)

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