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It seems that blocks that use a condition to check if they should naturally generate or not sometimes ignore the condition.

While modding for 1.12.2 I had some Nether plants with a "on block added" procedure that removed the plant if the block below was air or another plant.

In 1.14.4 "on block added" trigger does no longer work on natural block generation so I had to create a condition instead. However, the plants still spawn in the air, ignoring the condition.

I will soon provide some screenshots about the plants and the procedure

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Issue comments

If possible, provide demo workspace with single plant and condition to demonstrate this bug, so I can use it for testing too.

Thank you, I didn't see that ticket XD

Maybe I am going to set the amount of blocks per group to 1 then, too many plants wouldn't fit in 1.14 Nether anyway :)

Oh, I did not know it was ores, you were talking about the plant in the ticket :D

In this case, this is indeed caused by the ticket Loic linked.