Advanced video tutorials

This wiki page contains a list of tutorials created by MCreator Community

How to make Animated block and item

This tutorial shows step by step how to make animated
Json block or item and how to implement it to our mod. 


How to add support for Connected Textures Mod

From this tutorial we can learn how to make block
that supports Connected Textures Mod/API.


How to enlarge any Item

This simply tutorial show how to enlarge any
item, food, tool or gun in MCreator just like some tools
from Terraria or Weapons from Advent Of Ascension Mod


Log-like Block rotation 

This tutorial briefly explains how to make
any block rotate like vanilla log block


Rotation Via Block Horizontal

This tutorial shows briefly how to add block rotation to any block
rotation is similar to the one that furnace has

Note: This is not a Video Tutorial!