How to make a Spigot plugin

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This page describes how to make a Spigot plugin for Minecraft servers in MCreator. SpigotMC is a server plugin frameworks for Minecraft servers.

Spigot plugin maker

MCreator inherently only supports Minecraft Forge mods, Add-Ons, and data packs at the time of writing. However, more generator types are supported in MCreator's generator core and can be exposed using plugins.

Installing the Spigot generator plugin

The first step is to install the Spigot generator plugin for MCreator. Click here to download the plugin. The plugin is open-source and can be found on Contributions are welcome.

To install the plugin after downloading the Spigot generator plugin ZIP, do the following:

  1. Launch MCreator
  2. Open preferences -> Click "Manage plugins"
  3. Click "Load Plugin"
  4. Find your downloaded ZIP file and select it
  5. Restart MCreator

Creating Spigot plugin workspace

To create a Spigot workspace, open MCreator, and click the "+" button to create a new workspace.

If the plugin is properly installed, you will see the "Spigot plugin" type on the left side of the workspace creation window. Click on this option and enter workspace details.

After you create a new workspace, setup will be run and afterward, you can start making your mod.

Keep in mind the plugin is still in the development so not all mod elements or functionalities will be supported.

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