Example MCreator workspaces

Works with

This page is intended to contain a list of workspaces/mod pages that share their MCreator workspaces. Users can download workspaces of these mods and import them in their MCreator to learn by example.

Some of these workspaces are outdated and were exported in older versions of MCreator, but can be imported in later versions of MCreator.

MCreator mods with workspace download:

  • Fusion Table - Procedure Demo - Example mod on how to make a custom crafting GUI

  • MCreator Tutorial Mod - Mod with many examples for many mod elements

  • Lumina - Mod that demonstrates how to use external APIs with MCreator

  • DEV Mod - Mod that demonstrates how to use commonly used mod elements and 3D models (older workspace)

More examples

If you know other mods that have workspace download available, let us know and we will expand this list.