Using MCreator on workshops and STEM programs

MCreator Minecraft Mod Maker is an excellent tool to engage the interest in programming and computers in children and teenagers. With MCreator, they can learn basic concepts of programming in both visual in the actual coding way. MCreator is good for this purpose as it provides immediate results and provides limitless options and makes learning fun and interesting thing while maintaining its main purpose; to educate.

Minecraft on STEM workshops

Some of the options on what to do with MCreator are:

General tips

When making a workshop using MCreator, the general advice is to first demonstrate the crucial features of MCreator to all the students and then let them explore the interface and get creative with it on a per-individual basis.

We have collected some useful playlists of tutorial videos that can help you get ideas for the tasks on the workshops:


Another good way to start a workshop is to give out worksheets with basic tasks that help students familiarize themselves with the interface of MCreator and then encourage them to explore it further and get their own creative ideas for the mods they make.

We prepared some worksheets too, and plan to update this list with more of them in the future.

Making a block and ore pack

This is a basic course made out of 5 worksheets providing a basic insight into the process of making a mod, adding new blocks to the Minecraft game, and testing all this out. It is suited for the students of all ages as it has a very basic, yet important set of tasks and skills learned through the course.

More worksheets

We do plan on updating this list with more worksheets in the future. If you have a course and have worksheets and are ready to share them here, you are very welcome, just contact us.

Donate to MCreator

By donating to developers you can speed up development, as with more resources, we can dedicate more time to MCreator. It is a free project made by developers working on it in their free time.