Mod Types

Mod elements are components that make up a complete mod. Mod creators generally use many mod elements in there mods before they publish there mod. Every mod element has there own use and will do something different, they also have their own settings based on the type of mod element it is.

List of mod elements

Mod Type Description
Achievement An achievement is something you get when you have done something like when you open your inventory.
Armor Armor is an item that you wear to give you resistance against heartfelt things like fall damage or mobs.
Biome A biome is a region with properties like a jungle, desert or forest.
Block A block is a tile you can place similar to dirt, wood or glass.
Command A command is basically what it says is a command like /time set 0 or any command in Minecraft.
Creative Tab A creative tab is a tab that's in the creative mode that helps organize your mods to make it easier for people to find a specific thing.
Dimension A dimension is a different world like the end or neither.
Fluid Fluid has the same properties as water or lava it is a liquid that you can go into and swim in.
Food Food is an item that can be eaten to regain your hunger bar.
Fuel Fuel is something that can be burned in a furnace like coal or a lava bucket.
GUI GUI that is similar to a chest GUI or command block GUI. It can display buttons, images, slots or text.
Item A item is something that can be picked up and used to be crafted to make something.
Key Bind A key bind is a mod that assigns a key to do something, like place a structure when you press H on your keyboard
Mob A mob is a creature that is similar to a pig, spider or wolf.
Overlay Ingame GUI that can be seen in the in-game interface.
Plant A plant is a block like grass or sugarcane which is generated around the world.
Procedure Procedures can be used in other mod elements to make your mod have more functionality.
Range Item A gun is like a bow, it can shoot a projectile and give damage to whatever it hits.
Recipe A recipe is a mod that allows you to craft something in the game with a craft block (crafting table, furnaces, stone cutter, campfire, etc.)
Structure Spawn You can generate structure in Minecraft using Minecraft's structure NBT format or MCEdit's schematic format
Tool A tool is like an item but a bit different you can use a tool to dig or mine blocks with.
TX Block

A TX block is diffident from a block, TX blocks have properties of other things in Minecraft such as a torch or command block. TX Blocks are no longer part of the newer versions of MCreator.

Custom Element  A custom element is a class with some methods used to code something yourself.
Function  A function is a list of commands predefined. They will be executed in the order of the list.
Loot Table  A loot table represents what items should be in naturally generated containers, what items should drop when breaking a block, killing a mob or can be fished.
Potion  A potion is a custom potion effect like speed, haste, hunger, etc.

 Tag elements give mod creators a way to group vanilla, mod or other creator mods to a group.

Music Disc A custom music disc to play a music in a jukebox.

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