How to Make an Armor


Making a new armor

On this page, you'll find out how to create your very own armor!

Creating the armor

  • Start MCreator
  • If you don't want custom armor, skip this step. To make custom armor just go to Making new texture
  • Click on "New Mod"
  • Name it and click "Armor"


  • Choose the textures for each armour piece. To deactivate an armour part, click on the checkbox to deactivate this element. To have a custom model, click on ”Click to expand” under each element.
  • Change the name of the part if needed.
  • Click on ”Next page”


 Settings  Value 
 Armor texture:   This is the texture of the armor you have made and imported. 
 Creative tab:   This is the creative tab which your armor items will be located under. 
 Armor equip sound:   This is for the sound that plays when you put on the armor. 
 Maximum damage value: 

 This define the number that each piece will be multiplied.

  • X * 11 for the helmet.
  • X * 16 for the chestplate.
  • X * 15 for the leggings.
  • X * 13 for the boots

 X above is where your value will be. Vanilla armor values can be seen below.

 Material   Value 
 Leather:   X = 5 
 Iron:   X = 15 
 Chain:   X = 15 
 Gold:   X = 7
 Diamond:   X = 33 
 Netherite:   X = 37


 Damage values:

 Define the damage value for each piece of the armor. 
 This parameter defines how much damages each piece takes when the player is hurt. 

 Material   Helmet   Chestplate   Leggings   Boots 
 Leather:   1   3   2   1 
 Iron:   2   6   5   2 
 Chain:   2   5   4   1 
 Gold:   2   5   3   1 
 Diamond:   3   8   6   3 
 Netherite:   3   8   6   3 
 Turtle Shell:   2  ~   ~   ~ 

The enchantability is how common rare enchantments can be enchanted on this tool. The higher the enchantability, the better enchantments you will get when enchanting the tool.




  • Wooden tools: 15
  • Stone tools: 5
  • Iron tools: 14
  • Gold tools: 22
  • Diamond tools: 10
  • Netherite armor: 15
  • Leather armor: 15
  • Chainmail armor: 12
  • Iron armor: 9
  • Gold armor: 25
  • Diamond armor: 10
  • Netherite armor: 15
  • Turtle Shell: 9
  • Books: 1

 Toughness is a value that will increase the protection of the armor.

 The diamond armor has a toughness of 2.0 (for a total of 8.0)
 and the Netherite armor has a toughness of 3.0 (for a total of 12.0).


 How much knockback resistance the armor has.

  • Default is 0.0
  • Netherite is 0.1
 Repair items:   Repair items is items used to repair the armor inside the anvil.


  • Then, click on ”Next page"


  • On this page, you can add a procedure for each piece of your armor.
  • When you have finished, click on ”Save element”

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch the video, you can find the wiki page above summarized in a video:

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