How to Make an Advancement/Achievement


Creating an advancement

  • Start MCreator
  • Click on the "Workspace" tab.
  • Click on the "Mod Elements" tab.
  • Now click on the "Plus" button.
  • Select "Advancement" for the list.
  • Name it and click "Advancement"
  • Just edit the settings on this page to your liking.
  • Click next then finish and you're done!

Settings and Configuration

Advancement display parameters

Settings Information
Advancement GUI name

This is the name given to be displayed for the task.
If the task is a parent then it will also be the advancement tab name.

Advancement description This is where you put information about how to achieve the task.
Advancement icon

This is the tasks display icon.
If this is a root parent then it will be the advancement icon too.

Advancement background If your advancement is the first of a new path, you can choose the background of the path with this option.
Advancement type This is the type of achievement
  • Task is a basic achievement type and is most common.
  • Goal is a long term goal witch you strive to achieve.
  • Challenge is to test a player or challenge them to something.
Advancement parent This is the path of witch your achievement will be listed under.
You can use "No parent: root" will make a new path.
Minecraft main paths are story, nether, end, adventure, and husbandry.
Show toast when completed

Show the advancement top right of the screen when the player completes the advancement.

Announce to chat when completed This sends a message to the chat for all players to see when the advancement has been completed.
Hide if not completed yet The advancement is hidden until it has been completed by the player.
This is useful for parent tasks to hide the hole advancement tab.
Hide advancement display This hides the advancement completely from the advancement tab.
Even when the task has been completed the task will still not show.

Advancement logic

Settings Information
Reward XP This is how many experience the player will receive after completed the advancement.
Reward function You can choose a function to execute when the player completes the advancement.
Reward loot tables The player will receive some items from the selected loot table.
Reward recipes This can be used to unlock recipes that the player has not learned yet.

Making your achievement obtainable

Advancement trigger builder

If your advancement has a little trigger, you can use this method. If you want to make a more complex trigger, or a trigger with procedure block, you can always use a procedure.

  • Select a procedure block, and add it before the "Grant this advancement to the player" block.
  • Select the block/item/biome/dimension/numbers if needed.
  • Save your advancement.

Via a procedure

How do you make it so you gain your achievement? You will need to make a procedure on the element that you wish to trigger the achievement to happen. When you are making the procedure, you will want to follow the steps below.

  • Go to the procedure events in your mod element
  • Choose the event trigger and create a procedure if you didn't have one.
  • If you want a second condition, create it with the "If Do" procedure block.
  • Then, add the element that says "Add achievement to provided player - Achievement" (In the "Player Procedures" section)
  • Select the achievement you just made in the dropdown box.
  • Save your procedure and your mod element.

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch the video, you can find the wiki page above summarized in the videos below:




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