How to Make a Mob

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How to create a new mob

On this page, we will go through each step of making a new mob in MCreator.

Things you will need

  • You will need a mob texture for this tutorial. If you need help making one, go to Making a new Texture.

Creating a mob

  • Click on "New Mod"
  • Click on "Mob" and name your mod. Names mustn't repeat. Make it something you understand, the end user won't see this name. One way you can prevent your block name from being repeated is to put the mod type before your mod name, Example: MobMyMod.

Name and material

  • Texture file of the mob: This is where you upload your texture map for your mob.
  • Mob model: This is where you choose the mob model that ties in with your texture.
  • Mob type: This is where you choose the mob types like peaceful or aggressive.
  • Egg color: This is the color of the mob egg that you find in the creative mode. The color on the right is for the dots, and the color on the left is the base color for the egg.
  • Mob label: Label above the mob.
  • Click next.
  • Name of the mob: Name of the mob.
  • Behavioral characters: This is how the mob moves are the properties of the mob. Example: for mobs to swim or fly and walk.
  • Attack strength: This is how many hearts the mob attacks.
  • Movement speed: This is how fast the mob moves.
  • Mob equipment: This is what the mob where armor and hold swords. Below you will see a chart.

Left Box

  1. Held item
  2. Head
  3. Body
  4. Leggings
  5. Boots

Right Box

  • Health: This is how much health your mob will have. The box on the right allows your mob to be immune to fire like zombie pigman.
  • Mob drop: This is what drops randomly when you kill the mob.
  • Experience amount: This is how much XP you get when you kill your mob.
  • Living sound: This is the sound that plays when the mob is living
  • Hurt sound: This is the sound that plays when you hit the mob.
  • Death sound: This is the sound that plays when the mob dies.


See this post to introduce you to events. Click next

Mob AI

For mob AI, go here Mob AI

Recipe and world generation

  • Spawn priority: This is the priority for the mob to spawn.
  • The minimum number of mobs: This is the minimum amount that will spawn in the world.
  • The maximum number of mobs: This is the maximum amount that will spawn in the world.
  • Only in specific biomes: Check this if you want to make mobs spawn in one biome only.
  • Biome that mob spawns: After you check the box above, choose what biome you want the mob to spawn.
  • Click Finish

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch the video, you can find the a tutorial on how to make a boss mob below: