How to Make a Villager Profession


What is a villager profession?

A villager profession is a job type for the vanilla entity called a Villager. This mod element allows you to create a new workstation block, and change the work outfit texture for both the zombie and regular villager. You can also set the sound that is played when the villager works at their work block and some other related professional settings.

Profession properties

  • Profession display name: The display name of this villager's profession. It is displayed in the trading interface.
  • Profession block: This is the block the villager uses as their workstation, similar to the Fletching Table.
  • Action sound: This is the sound played when the villager works at the workstation.
  • Hat type: This parameter specifies the kind of hat defined by the selected profession texture, which controls whether the villager will still wear the hat defined by their type after claiming this profession:
    • None: In all cases.
    • Partial: In cases it doesn't cover the villager's entire head.
    • Full: In no cases.
  • Profession texture: This is the outfit used for villagers in a profession.
  • Zombified profession texture: This is the outfit used for villagers who are zombies that have a profession.

Profession texture path

The villager profession texture path can be obtained from the Minecraft jar as a template under the following file path.


For zombie villagers, the path is mostly the same.


Normally this texture is the same for both entities but Mojang has allowed support for editing both entity's textures for resource pack creation.

Next steps

Once you have your profession made you will need to make trades for your villager which can be done using the Villager Trade mod element.

Video tutorial

Guide to professions

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