How to Make a Food

Works with

Since MCreator 2022.1, the food mod element has been merged with the item mod element. Read the item mod element page here to get updated information.

Creating the element

  • If you want you can create a new texture for your food on your own or by following this guide. If not just skip this step.
  • Create a new Food element and name it,
  • Choose your texture or if you have a custom 3D model, take it.
  • Special Information: This will add text like how enchantments show.
  • Click on ”Next page”


  • The name of your food item
  • The creative tab where your food item will be.
  • The stack size is the maximum number of items in one stack.
  • The nutritional value is how much your item feed. 1 is 1/2 in the food bar. 20 is the full food bar.
  • Saturation is the first statistic to decrease when a player performs energy-intensive actions, and it must be completely depleted before the visible hunger meter begins decreasing. This page contains all saturation values.

  • ”Is food for dog?” says itself what it is.

  • ”Is always edible?” allows the player to eat the food even in his food bar is full. (Like the Golden Apples)

  • ”Has a glowing effect” adds a glowing effect like the Enchanted Golden Apple.

  • Eating speed is the time in ticks that the player takes to eat one item if the food. 1 second = 20 ticks

  • Food animation is the animation when players eat the food.

  • Click in ”Next page” when you are done.


There are few events allowing you to make procedures. So if you want to add some procedures, this is the page. You aren't obligated. They are optional. Finally, click in ”Save element”

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch the video, you can find the wiki page above summarized in a video:

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