How to Make a Dimension

Works with


  • Select all biomes you want to have inside your dimension
  • Select the world generation to have an Overworld like dimension, a Nether like dimension or an End like dimension.
  • Choose the main filler block of your dimension. The main filler block of the Overworld is the stone.
  • Choose the fluid of your dimension like the flowing water or the flowing lava.
  • Select the result of right-clicking in a bed. ALLOW does nothing. This is like inside the Overworld. DENY will only disable the bed. EXPLODE will make an explosion like in the Nether or the End.
  • Customize some other dimension settings with these checkboxes. They are enough self-explaining.
  • Choose the fog colour with this option

Dimension’s portal

If you don’t want a portal, you can skip this section. Be sure, however, the option ”Enable portal” is deactivated.

  • Portal frame-block is the block used to make the portal.
  • Choose the particle type that the portal will make.
  • Then, choose the sound that the option will play.
  • The portal frame block luminance is a value to add light to the portal
  • Write the name of the igniter item and choose its creative tab
  • Select its texture
  • Select the texture of the portal frame-blocks (the blocks where players are to be teleported)


This page allows you to add procedures for some events. If you want to add procedures, add them, and then click on ”Save element”.

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