How to Make a Ranged Item

Works with

Before you start

You will need to make a texture either by a program such as or gimp or using the internal editor. You can find some help here.

Getting started

  • Open MCreator if you haven't already.
  • Click New Mod
  • Type the name of your mod. Names must not repeat!
  • Click Ok

Texture selection

  • Choose Gun texture
  • Choose events you want
  • Click next


  • Choose Name in GUI and give the mod a name
  • Choose Item for gun ammo and pick a custom-made ammo or an existing item
  • Check shoot constantly if you want the mod to always shoot, leave unchecked if you want to have to click to shoot.
  • Bullet Power, How fast the bullet shoots higher the number faster it shoots vice-versa
  • Bullet Damage, Higher the number the stronger the damage vice-versa
  • Bullet Knock-Back, Higher the number the farther the opponent will get thrown vice-versa
  • Check the box for Bullet has particles if you want particles to come out of it
  • Check does bullet light fire if you want it to light a fire when it hits a block, does not catch mobs on fire
  • Click next


  • Click the white boxes then choose how you want the gun to be crafted, If you mess up click the X's corresponding with the slot where you messed up
  • Click the white box below the recipe box to make it a smelting recipe instead

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch the video, you can find the wiki page above summarized in a video:

Custom 3D model for a projectile

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