How to Make a Fuel


Making a new fuel

On this page, you'll be finding out how to create your own fuel! BEFORE you start you will need to make an item first! Click here to find out how!

  • Start MCreator
  • Click on "New Mod"
  • Select "Fuel" then press OK
  • Choose the power of the fuel and the item you want to represent your fuel then click next
  • Click Finish and you're done!

What is Power of fuel? This is measured in "game ticks". Coal takes 80 seconds to completely burn away and so it is 1600 ticks. (The default setting) This is just enough to smelt 8 items. This means that 20 ticks are 1 second of burning time.

To measure how many ticks you need to use, use this equation: # of ticks needed = # of items you want the fuel to smelt * 20

For a list of all Minecraft fuels click here.

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