How to Make an Item


Making a New Item

An item is an object that can be held in the hand, you can use it as well. It can also have custom damage value.

Texture selection

If you need help making a new texture, go to Making a new Texture.

  • First, go to the workspace.
  • Click "Create new element".
  • Element: Choose Item and click next.
  • Item texture: Choose your item texture.
  • Special Information: This will add text like how enchantments show.
  • Render Type: If you want to have a 3D model for your item.
    • Item render type: Change this to custom.
    • Custom texture of the model: You will need a texture map for your 3D model.
    • Custom item model: Upload your java file you exported from Techne.
      • The name must be the same as the model name in Techne!


  • Name in GUI: This is the name that shows in Minecraft.
  • Creative Tab: This is what creative tab where you can find your item in creative mode.
  • Stack Size: This is how many of your item that can fit in a stack.
  • Enchantability: This is the how easy it is to get good enchantments.
  • Max item usage duration: This is how many time the item can be used.
  • Type of tool: Set 1 if not a tool, Set 1.5 if it is a sword", Set 2> if it is a tool.
  • Item damage count: This is how many times the Item can be used, keep at 0 if infinite
  • Can destroy any block?: Check this box if you want it to destroy any block even bedrock.
  • Does item stay in crafting grid?: Check this if you want the item to stay in the crafting table.
  • Spawns in chests: Check this box if you want it to spawn in locations like temples.
    • "First Box:" Is the maximum amount you may find in a chest.
    • "Second Box:" Is the minimum amount you may find in a chest.
    • "Third Box:" Is the stack size.
    • "Fourth Box:" Is where it will spawn like a temple chest or dungeon.
  • Can be dropped as grass seed: Check this if you want it to have a chance of dropping grass seeds.
    • "Box:" Is how rare it will drop.

Inventory Settings

  • Bind this item to GUI: This parameter will bind your item to the selected GUI. When selected, it will automatically make the code to open the GUI when the player right-clicks on the item. If you make a procedure, items won't be saved inside the item.
  • Size inventory: Number of slots inside your GUI. (Biggest slot ID in the GUI + 1)
  • Max size stack: Maximal number of item in one stack.


  • Make procedure you need
  • Click next

Video tutorial

Making an item mod element

If you prefer to watch the video, you can find the wiki page above summarized in a video:

Item with a custom model

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