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What is a tool?

A tool is an object used to extract certain blocks, deal more damage, and do special things like change certain blocks that the player's hand alone cannot do. Normally tools aren't stackable and have a durability bar (unless the tool is unbreakable) that indicate the remaining durability when the tool is used and warns the player when the tool is about to break. Tools can be repaired using one or multiple item in anvils or combining them in crafting table or in a grindstone.


Properties Values
Tool texture: The texture of your tool
Item model:

Select the model to be used with this item. The model only defines the visual look.

  • Normal - The default model used by the Vanilla tool selected
  • Custom - A custom JSON or OBJ model you made and imported into MCreator.

When making custom models, JSON is recommended due to vanilla support for this model type.

Special information: This will add text like how enchantments show.
Enable glowing effect: Checking this check box will always enable the glowing effect on your tool, the same way enchantments work.
Glowing effect condition:

If a condition is specified, the item will only glow in case this condition is passed. This will be ignored if the glow effect is disabled.

Tool property list

Properties Values
Name in GUI: The display name for the tool in the GUI.
Creative inventory tab: The tab in which the item is under in creative mode.

The type of tool you wish to create.

  • Pickaxe: mines better rocky materials
  • Axe: mines better wood and can strip logs 
  • Sword: deal more damage to entities and can do a sweep attack
  • Spade: mines better dirt / grass / gravel / sand 
  • Hoe: mines better organics blocks and can turn dirt into farmland
  • Shears: mines better plant and allow to get some blocks as drops like grass
  • Fishing rod: allow you to fishing
  • Special (advanced): custom tool type, basically you choose what it will do
  • MultiTool (advanced): it's quite self-explanatory
Harvest level:

The tier of the tool. The tier can only break blocks with the same tier or below.

  • 0 is hand/wood
  • 1 is stone
  • 2 is iron/gold
  • 3 is diamond
  • 4 is netherite
  • 5+ are not used in vanilla but in mods can use these levels.

How fast the tool can mine. You can add more levels.

Example: Stone tools have lower efficiency than diamond tools.

  • Wooden tools have 2.
  • Stone tools have 4.
  • Iron tools have 6.
  • Diamond tools have 8.
  • Gold tools have 10.
  • Netherite tools have 9.

How common rare enchantments can be enchanted on this tool. The higher the enchantability, the better enchantments you will get when enchanting the tool.




  • Wooden tools: 15
  • Stone tools: 5
  • Iron tools: 14
  • Gold tools: 22
  • Diamond tools: 10
  • Netherite tools 15
  • Leather armor: 15
  • Chainmail armor: 12
  • Iron armor: 9
  • Gold armor: 25
  • Diamond armor: 10
  • Netherite armor: 15
  • Books: 1
Attack speed:

This is the speed of which the item has when using the attack mouse button. Some tools use different speeds such as axes vs. pickaxes.

  Tool     Wood      Stone     Iron     Gold     Diamond     Netherite     N/A  
  Axe     0.8     0.8     0.9     1.0     1.0     1.0     --  
  Hoe     1.0     2.0     3.0     1.0     4.0     4.0     --  
  Pickaxe     1.2     1.2     1.2     1.2     1.2     1.2     --  
  Shovel     1.0     1.0     1.0     1.0     1.0     1.0     --  
  Sword     1.6     1.6     1.6     1.6     1.6     1.6     --  
  Trident     --     --     --     --     --     --     1.1  
  Other     --     --     --     --     --     --     4.0  


Damage vs. mob/animal:

The level of damage dealt when attacking with this weapon. This is not the
amount of health the weapon takes. Instead, 1 gives the tool the same attack
strength of a wooden tool, 2 is stone, etc. In other terms. (For some reason,
axes use the 1.8 attack damage here)

Shovels do exactly the amount of damage you put here.
Pickaxes do one damage more than you put here.
Axes do two damage more than you put here.
Swords do three damage more than you put here.

  Tool     Wood      Stone     Iron     Gold     Diamond     Netherite     N/A  
  Axe     7     9     9     7     9     10     --  
  Hoe     1     1     1     1     1     1     --  
  Pickaxe     2     3     4     2     5     6     --  
  Shovel     1.25     1.75     2.25     1.25     2.75     3.25     --  
  Sword     4     5     6     4     7     8     --  
  Trident     --     --     --     --     --     --     9  
  Other     --     --     --     --     --     --     1  


Number of uses:

The durability of the tool:

  • Gold: 32 uses:
  • Wood: 59 uses.
  • Stone: 131 uses.
  • Iron: 250 uses.
  • Diamond: 1561 uses.
  • Netherite: 2032 uses.
  • Fishing rod: 64 uses.
  • Flint and steel: 64 uses.
  • Carrot on a stick: 25 uses.
  • Shears: 238 uses.
  • Trident 250 uses.
  • Crossbow: 326 uses.
  • Shield: 336 uses.
  • Bow: 384 uses.
  • Elytra: 432 uses.

The Minecraft wiki page can be found here.

Repair items: The item(s) with which the tool can be repaired in an anvil.
Blocks affected: What blocks the tool can be used on. This is for the advanced tool types.
Is the tool immune to fire?

This parameter controls if the item is immune to fire, like Netherite stuff.

NOTE: Only available in Minecraft 1.16.x and higher

Does the item stay in the crafting grid when crafted? Check this if you want the item to stay on the crafting table.
Damage the item instead, when crafting: If "stay in the grid" is enabled, you can enable this parameter to deal damage to this tool instead of keeping it with its current durability.


On this page, you can find multiple triggers triggered with different actio0njs and execute a procedure to do more actions.

The itemstack dependency will always be an instance of this tool.

It can notably be used to make a hammer using the "When block destroyed with tool" trigger.

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch the video, you can find the wiki page above summarized in a video:

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