How to Make a Recipe

Works with

Creating the recipe

  • Start MCreator
  • Click "New Mod"
  • Name it and click "Recipe"
  • Select the empty squares and, in the GUI that will pop up, select the block/item you want to craft in that square. Do this again for every slot you want something to be placed, then click on the lone slot towards the right, and select what item the recipe makes. You can also do this with the smelting recipe.
  • Click finish and you're done!

Making a grass recipe (example)

Here's an example recipe on how to make grass (well it's how I would make a grass recipe anyway)

  • Do the above steps until you get to step 4
  • In the crafting area put a dirt block in the middle
  • Put 1 seed above it
  • Add grass in the result slot
  • Click finish