How to Make a Recipe


Creating the recipe

  • Start MCreator
  • Create a new Recipe element and give it a name
  • Name your recipe (For sample: diamond_block)
  • Fill the parameters and the empty squares
  • Click finish and you're done!



Name/ID: The recipe ID of your recipe (For example: diamond_block). If you want to override a vanilla recipe, you have to put the same name than the vanilla registry name.

Namespace: It jam how the game will see your recipe. “Minecraft” is to create or override a Vanilla recipe. “Mod” is to create a recipe for your mod/data pack.

Recipe type: In which block your recipe will be available.

“Crafting” is the crafting table.

“Smelting” is à furnace recipe. “

Blasting” is a recipe inside the blast furnace.

“Smoking” is a recipe inside the Smoker.

“Stone cutting” is a Stone cutter recipe.

“Campfire cooking” is when we right click on a campfire


Making a grass recipe (example)

Here's an example recipe on how to make grass (well it's how I would make a grass recipe anyway)

  • Do the above steps until you get to step 4
  • In the crafting area put a dirt block in the middle
  • Put 1 seed above it
  • Add grass in the result slot
  • Click finish

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