How to Make a Biome

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Making a New Biome

On this page, we'll show you how to make your very own biome.

Creating the Biome

  • Click on "+" icon (Add new mod element)
  • Click on "Biome" or the letter "o" and name it.
  • Customize your biome. Ground block is the block on the top layer. The underground block is a 3 block layer under the ground block. Ticking generate lakes.... Generates lakes.
  • If you want custom colors in your biome, tick "Custom biome colors" and change the color. If you want the default colors, go to the next step.
  • If you want vanilla trees, take the one you want. "Default" is the little oak tree. "Big Trees" is the big oak tree. If you want a custom tree, go to the next step.
  • If you have a vanilla tree just skip this step. Tick "Vines" If you want vines to spawn. Vines can be any block like sand, cobble etc. The stem is the main part of the tree (like the wood on a normal tree). The branch is the leaves of the tree. Fruits are a rarely spawning block that can spawn in or around the branch.
  • Click on "Next Page"

Biome Settings

General Generation Properties

Trees per chunk: The number of trees (the one you have choose in the previous section) we will have in one chunk.

Grass per chunk: The number of tall grass

Vanilla flowers per chunk: The number of vanilla flowers (like the poppy)

Mushrooms per chunk: The number of mushrooms (Plant)

Big Mushrooms per chunk: Mushroom trees per chunk

Sand patches per chunk: Group of sand blocks (like for the andesite, diorite and granite)

Gravel patches per chunk: The same thing for the previous setting, but for the gravel.

Reeds per chunk: Sugar canes for example

Cacti per chunk: Number of cacti in one chunk

Dead bushes per chunk: Number of dead bushes in one chunk

Raining possibility: Possibility to rain in the biome. If you put 0, there will not be rain in the biome.

Biome temperature: The temperature of the biome. 0 is like the Snowy Tundra. 2 is like the Desert.

Biome base height: The height at which the biome is.

Biome height variation: The height variation of the terrain. Higher is like a mountain, a lower value represent a flat plain and 0 is like an ocean

Biome Generator Properties

Generate biome in overworld: Can your biome be in the overworld?Is your biome can be in the overworld ?

Biome category: The type of biome

Biome parent: Put the main biome. The biome will spawn next to the other(s).

Biome dictionnary types: Biome types to help some mods to do the generation.

Entity Spawning Properties

Add in this section all entities you want they spawn in this biome. Put only mobs, otherwise the game will crash.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch the video, you can find the wiki page above summarized in a video:

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