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Minecraft Forge mod
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A mod to add some #XtraCraze to your game!

Fly on a Pheonix! Explore the Ominous Glob-Infested Forests! Use the Unfairly OP* Heskalix! Try Looking for Some Magical Gems Deep in the Ground! Try Out Some of the Special Hats Only on Creative! ...Is This Even Minecraft Anymore?



Fun Fact - The latest version of #XtraCraze has 134 mod elements! Wow!


I know, I know, the snake is buggy, but I don't know how to fix that! :/

Modification files
XtraCraze.jar - Older Version - Bench Update! - 1.12.2796.65 KB
#XtraCraze_1.jar - Older Version - Magic Gem Armor! Check it out! 1.12.2785.37 KB
#XtraCraze_2.jar - Latest and Greatest - Tiny Houses and Music Discs! 1.12.21012.26 KB

1.0.0 - Released! Now available to the world!    Yay!

1.0.1 - Added the Bench!

1.0.2 - Magical Armor Crafted with the Magic Gemstone! Also Fixed a Typo in the Description

1.1.0 - Small Houses to Stomp on, and a New Music Disc!