The End Expansion Mod 2

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Now for 1.16.4!

Used in my big modpack called Better Minecraft!

A mod that adds new mobs and items to The End and Warped Forests!


New Mobs (The End):

Warped Ones

Ender Warriors

Classic Ender Warriors

Ender Knights

Ender Serpents

Ender Serpent Sentinels 

The Ender Serpent Queen

Warp Watchers

End Stone Mites

Shulker Crabs

The Shulking

Ender Captain


New Mobs (Warped Forests):

Warped Rooters

Warped Followers

Warped Fungi Creatures


Items & Armor:

Ender Gems

Ender Shards

Warped Ender Pearls

aieoposyrhC (Warped Forest Theme, Music Disc)

Ender Amulet

Ender Serpent Scale Helmet

Eye of Ender Helmet

Eye of Ender Chestplate

Eye of Ender Leggings

Eye of Ender Boots

Ender Serpent Scales

Ender Rods

Ender Powder

Ender Sword 

Ender Pickaxe

Ender Shovel

Ender Axe 

Ender Hoe

Ender Staff



Gilded End Stone

Nether Ender Gem Ore

Ender Gem Block

Cracked Purpur Blocks

Chiseled Purpur Blocks

End Stone Walls

End Stone Stairs

End Stone Slabs



Destroyed Ender Ships (Rare)

Purpur Towers (Rare)

Ender Warrior Huts (Uncommon)

Ender Knight Huts (Legendary)

Ender Captain Ships (Rare)

Ender Villager Houses (Uncommon)


The Ender tools are crafted like netherite. Take a netherite tool (not armor) and combine it with a ender gem in a smithing table and boom, ender tool!

Ender tools can also be crafted like normal tools with ender rods as sticks and ender gems for the item. Ender rods are crafted like sticks.

Endermen still drop eyes of ender and ender gems but now warped ones do too!

I hope you enjoy this mod!

Modification files
the_end_expansion_mod_2_1.16.4_3.1.0.jar - The file for the mod!Uploaded on: 02/05/2021 - 01:34   File size: 8.6 MB


Made aieoposyrhC start earlier and arranged some items in the creative tab.

Also made the Ender Amulet craftable with a ghast tear. Ender Serpent scales can no longer be used to make it.


Added the Ender Scythe


Improved Choursed Ender Logs and Hyphae textures and brightness

Improved Ender Scythe Texture


The Ender Gem block now uses netherite block sounds

Added the End Stone Trap

End Stone Traps now have particles on top of them to distinguish the difference between end stone and the trap.

Made the Ender Scythe less thicc


Added the Twisted Deserts


Fixed Twisted Sand not acting like normal sand


Made all the warped forest mobs now watch zombified piglins

this mod adds a lot of thing, but there is not a logo and some photos that show more stuff, so if you add some photos you can make a great thing