Balbidio Ore Mod

Published by Slagof_YT on Wed, 12/30/2020 - 13:51
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Balbidio Ore Mod:



Balbidio Ore Mod, is a mod that will add to your world a better ore, even better than netherite.


The mod version is 1.15.2, but it haves all items related to netherite.



- Balbidio Ore


- Balbidio


- Balbidio Ingot


- Balbidio Armor and Tool set


- Balbidio Bow


- Balbidio Arrow


- Balbidio Shears


- Balbidio Block


- All Netherite Stuff (Except Lodestone)


- GUI Smithing Table


- Balbidio Smithing Table


- Red Oak Tree


- Red Oak Sapling, Leaves, Log, Wood, Stripped Log, Stripped Wood, Planks and Roots


- Red Oak Forest Biome


- ETC.

VERSION: 4.0.0


Author: Slagof_YT


Made using MCreator

All Version Files in CurseForge (


Modification files
Balbidio_Ore_Mod_1.1.0_(1.15.2).jar - New Items Made Of Red Oak Wood (Slabs, Stairs, Etc).Uploaded on: 01/04/2021 - 16:15   File size: 734.53 KB
Balbidio_Ore_Mod_1.2.0_(1.15.2).jar - Translation To All Spanish Variations And New Balbidio Apple (Better Than Golden Apple).Uploaded on: 01/06/2021 - 23:31   File size: 774.6 KB
Balbidio_Ore_Mod_1.3.0_(1.15.2).jar - Added Enchanted Golden Apple, Melter, Apple Mold And Cooked Apple Mold.Uploaded on: 01/07/2021 - 14:29   File size: 852.83 KB
Balbidio_Ore_Mod_1.4.0_(1.15.2).jar - Deleted Nether Wood Stuff, changed Armor & Tools Stats and Fixed Spanish Translation.Uploaded on: 05/01/2022 - 16:11   File size: 792.63 KB


 Changed Balbidio tools & armor crafting (Now it uses netherite items instead of diamond ones)


- Fixed the error that makes Balbidio Leggins have more protection than Balbidio Chestplate


- Added a proyectile model to Balbidio Arrow when shooted from a Balbidio Bow


- Added 1 second cooldown to Balbidio Bow to prevent spaming


- Increased Balbidio Armor protection in +2 per Piece


- Incresed Balbidio Tool Set (Pickaxe, Axe & Shovel) Attack Damage in + 1 per Piece


- Decreased Balbidio Sword Attack Damage in -1 


- Increased Balbidio Hoe Attack Speed in +1


- Increased Balbidio Shovel Attack Speed in +0.5


- Added a Loot Table to Red Oak Leaves (Now they drop sticks and saplings)


- Added leaf decay for Red Oak Leaves


- Now you can craft Red Oak Planks with all 4 log variants (Log, Wood, Stripped Log, Stripped Wood)


- Now you can craft Dark Oak Planks with all 4 tinted log variants (Tinted Log, Tinted Wood, Stripped Tinted Log, Stripped Tinted Wood)


- Changed The tree spawning method in the Red Oak Forest Biome


- Deleted Balbidio Apple and Enchanted Balbidio Apple from Balbidio Smithing Table (Insted craft them in the Melter)


- Added Iron Stick (Crafted like sticks but with iron insted of planks) and Iron Handle (Crafted with 3 iron sitcks in a inverted triangle form (Like bowls))


- Now the Empty Paint Bucket is crafted with a Iron Handle instead of a Chain


- Deleted Crimson Tree and Crimson Stuff, Chain, Shroomlight, Nether Wart Block and Weeping Vines


- Increased Netherite Shovel Attack Speed in +0.5


- Decreased Netherite Sword Attack Damage in -2


- Fixed Spanish Translations