The Grim Reaper

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- Be the right hand of death, a Grim Reaper!
- Harvest souls and upkeep your reputation/favor with death itself
- Use souls to power 11 awesome abilities!
- Craft reapers armor and scythe from Soul Weave and Spectral Iron
- Build a Forlorn Hall with new Soul Stone


  • Reworked animations and models, now mod requires GeckoLib 3
  • Reworked death marks application
  • Added Sepulcher, Soul Prison, Soul Cage
  • Souls are now lost on death, but can be stored in Soul Prison
  • New power - Deathbound Travel which allows you to travel to saved destination
  • New Sepulcher ability - Land of Dead, which slowly converts area into soul sand valley
  • Removed saturation effect from Consume Soul ability
  • Herald of Death will now give immunity to wither and poison, and undead mobs will miss only half of their attacks
  • Patchouli integration! Now you can find detailed guide in game
  • Many bugfixes and texture improvements


It is really recommended to use Patchouli for ingame documentation, you will receive a guide book on new world start, and you can craft one by combining vanilla book, bone and black dye.

To start with the mod you will need to craft yourself a grim reapers scythe, most of the mods mechanics happen when you have a scythe equipped. While you have a scythe in main hand, you will see two symbols in top left of the screen: The first one indicates the amount of collected souls, the second is your favor/reputation, think of it as your performance rating as a grim reaper. Reputation can go from 0 to 100, and souls dont have any cap limit. This count is persistant per player, and each player starts with 0 souls and 50 (neutral) reputation.

Kill creatures with scythe to gain their souls. One creature is one soul. All creatures spawned (except undead, who got no soul) might get a death mark, as following:
- Doomed. Creature's with this mark are going to die very soon, Be it old age, or terminal sickness, or deadly wound, doesn't matter - you are here to collect it's soul. This creature is a goner soon. Those creatures display name will change to doomed *someone* "Doomed Pillager" f.ex. Collecting those souls is one of grim reapers primary goals, and you get +1 rep in addition to collected soul.
- Uncertain. The fate of this mob is uncertain yet. It might be a target of a murder plot, oncoming war, natural disaster, crash, get killed in duel or any other deadly activities not resulting in certain death, but are dependant on other circumstances. As a grim reaper you can seal the fate, getting 1+ rep in addition to collected soul.
- Cheaters. Those creatures have at some point cheated are here to settle things right. It can be involuntarily, as f.e.x if someone cured that creature from the brink of death, or someone who might have voluntarily cheated death by means of magic etc. Collecting those souls will reward +3 rep in addition to collected soul, as it is considered an important grim reapers duty.
Cheaters and Uncertain do not have any visible clues on them. Killing children will not earn a soul, and will decrease rep by 1

Sometimes souls escape your grasp....and upon killing a living creature, you will not get a soul, but a soul will escape into material world instead, a soul can manifest in two ways: A passive spirit which is generally confused and scared, it will not fight back, but will instead avoid any entity at all....the second one is agressive wraith, which will attack player. Both spawn for a 30 sec period, after which they dissolve into nothing, killing those souls will reward +1 soul and +2 rep for swiftly capturing an escapee.

Powers are the main bread and butter of this mod. There are 11 awesome powers to choose from, all are available from start, but require souls, and sometimes reputation to cast. Reputation dramatically influences most of numeric values for powers, and if your rep is way too low, spells might work very bad, like some buffs lasting only 1 sec or damaging spells doing insignificant damage etc. All powers require a scythe equipped to use. You can choose next/previous power with Y and U by default.

- Soul Transfer. You transfer a soul to be judged in underworld. Some of them go to nether, some go to ...(Aether?) is no matter to you, as it is not your scope of duties from there. This is considered one of grim reapers primary duties, and you will gain +1 rep, thus loosing 1 soul.

- Detect Souls. All doomed, uncertain and cheaters souls glow, revealing their positions in a large radius around the reaper. Duration depends on rep. Costs 1 soul.

- Final Demise. You inflict wither on all doomed creatures, causing their souls to burn in a large radius around you, duration depends on rep. Souls cannot be harvested this way, as they simply burn away. Costs 10 souls.

- Summon Wraith. You release one of the stored souls as a faithful and loyal servant wraith for 30 secs, who will attack only monsters (not animals), including other wraiths. Costs 1 soul, but releasing souls directly into material plane is against the reapers purpose and duty, thus loosing 1 rep as well.

- Death Touch. You spread death with just a touch of hand. Has multiple uses. Converts some materials into their "dead" counterparts. Converts sand and gravel into soul sand, converts dirt and grass into soul soil, converts stone and cobble into soul stone (new), flowers into wither roses. If a Doomed villager is touched, it will die instantly, this will not anger golems, as it is considered a natural death, as villagers heart simply stops. Kills chicken instantly! Costs 1 soul for blocks.

- Resurrection. You have power to take soul, you have the power to give it back... Attempts to "resurrect" a zombie type creature to their respective counterparts. Zombified piglins to Piglins, Zombie horses to horses, regular zombies, husks, drowned to villagers and pillagers etc etc...Skeletons are beyond reparation :) Costs 5 souls and -2 rep, as resurrecting souls back to life is just opposite of what grim reaper's duty is.

- Reaper's Wrath. A buff which applies strength and speed. Duration as well as level depend on rep. Costs 2 souls.

- Consume Soul. Consume a soul to replenish own health and saturation. Duration depends on rep. Costs 1 soul.

- Spectral Bolt. Shoot a bolt of dark energy, damage depends on rep level. If a creature is killed with this, it will add soul, just as scythe, effectively refunding the cost. Costs 1 soul.

- Teleport. A short range teleport which allows you to teleport in 32 block radius on a solid block. Costs 1 soul.

- Soul Storm. The most potent spell in reapers arsenal. Reaper unleashes ALL the stored souls to deal damage equal to the amount of souls released, 1 damage per 1 soul, in a medium range around the reaper. Angry souls will tear into shreads any being, including the player. Such an atrocious and wasteful violation of grim reapers' duties will set rep to absolute zero, regardless of how much player had. Costs 10 souls minimum, uses all souls.

- You can craft some few things in a new Soul Loom and Soul Infuser, but again, invocing souls into material world, even in items, will cost rep for all crafts.
- There are 2 awesome custom reaper armor sets, a classical black robe, and armored version
- You can craft the first set from Soul Weave, a new material made from Soul Bloom plant in a Soul Loom
- Growable Soul Bloom seeds can be made by infusing different vanilla seeds with souls in Soul Infuser, costs 1 souls and 1 rep per seed. It can only be planted on soul sand, but doesn't care about light level or dimension. The plant itself is completely sterile, and will only earn the plant at final stage (it will refund seed at growth stages thou) meaning you will need to infuse more seeds.
- You can also infuse different vanilla metal ingots with souls, for them to become spectral iron ingots. Costs 2 souls and 1 rep per ingot
- You can pack a soul into a bottle! If kept in inventory, it will break upon receiving a final blow which should have killed the owner otherwise, and the soul contained within will be taken instead. Grants 1 HP and invlnerability for few seconds. Crafting such an item costs only 1 soul, and an empty bottle, but such a direct avoidance of rules is considered cheating death, and will cost 10 reputation.

Minecraft 1.18.2 + Forge

Classic Grim Reapers Robe:

Armored Reaper Robe:


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GrimReaper_v1.3_MC1.19.2.jar - required: GeckoLib, optional: PatchouliUploaded on: 07/06/2023 - 16:05   File size: 2.04 MB

- Changed Logo Image, Changed Mod name

From the pictures and description this mod seems pretty cool. I'll have to download it sometime and do a playthrough with it. Keep up the good work!