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The new World Updates will take a little longer to Develop.
Thank you for Understanding.


This is Runic. A Mod that adds a custom Enchantement System with Books in 7 rareties, a Sacrifice Altar and a Rune Altar.

The mod Adds 21 new Enchantements  to spice up your PVP and Survival.


We were recently made aware of a Bug which allows for multiple curses of one type to be on a weapon due to an issue with the Enchantement-failing function. We are currently working on a Fix.


Curseforge Website

Modrinth Page

The Blackstone Studio Discord where we maybe launch pre releases and Early Access versions so consider joining to never miss a Update again 



Rune Books                           


Rune Books are the modded Versions of Enchanted Books. They come in 7 Rareties (from most common to most rare): Common, Uncommon, Curse, Rare, Nether, Legendary, Ender. The Books have 5 Durability, from which most will lose one for each use of the Book (Higher Level Enchants can also instantly destroy your Book)


Common: Dodge, Extra Durable 

Uncommon : Lightfoot, Owleyes, Immense Grace

Curse: Enderscurse, Curse of Fragility, Exhausting

Rare: Doublestrike, Coldedge, Antidamage, Lumberjack, Adrenalin Rush, Blighbane, Thunderstrike

Nether: Lavawalker, Flamecaller

Legendary: Rustededge, Jack o´ Lantern, Berserker, Lifestream

Ender: Obsidianforged, Shulkers Feet


Post Ideas for new runes on our Discord


Sacrifice Altar

The Sacrifice Altar is one of the two Blocks in this Mod. This Block allows you to Create Runes from Empty Rune Books. You can also use a Sacrifice Orb to Higher your Chances for Better Runes and lower your chances of getting Curses. To Sacrifice you need a Empy Rune Book, something to Sacrifice (tagged in #sacrificeableflesh) and (optional) A Sacrifice Orb (No need for XP).






Rune Altar

This Block allows you to add Runes to the Accepted Items. All Runes exept Obsidian Forged have a nearly 100% Chance of applying, but somethimes you get Curses. Applying Runes also costs no XP.


Sacrifice Orb

The Sacrifice Orb highers your chances of getting Better Runes when Sacrificing. It also lowers your chance of getting Curses.




We hope you have fun with this small enchanting Mod.

Please also Consider UPVOTING the mod.


Tags for Custom Mod Support (all namespaces are forge)

Item Tags











Entity Tags








Can i Repost this mod ?

No. Reposting is not Allowed.


Can i use this Mod in A Modpack?

Yea, This mod can be played alone but it can also be played with Other Mods since it adds Custom Tool support Via Tags.

Modification files
Runic_1.0.jar - V 1.0 (1.19.2)Uploaded on: 07/10/2023 - 05:57   File size: 315.29 KB
Runic 1.1.jar - V 1.1 (1.19.2)Uploaded on: 07/13/2023 - 05:29   File size: 449.66 KB
Runic 1.2.jar - V 1.2 (1.19.2)Uploaded on: 07/22/2023 - 18:24   File size: 547.03 KB
Runic 1.3.jar - V 1.3 (1.19.2)Uploaded on: 08/01/2023 - 17:48   File size: 552.63 KB

V 1.0

Added The Rune Altar And the Sacrifice Altar

Added the 7 Book Rareties

Added 12 new Runes

Added the Sacrifice Orb


V 1.1

Added Berserker, Curse of Fragility, Adrenalin Rush and Lumberjack

Added Rune Sentinels

Added Treestamps and Runic Ruins

Added Suspicious Stone Bricks


V 1.2

Added Flamecaller, Blightbane, Exhausting, Shulkers Feet, Immense Grace, Thunderstrike and Lifestream runes

Added the Nether King 
Added 6 Advancements

Added a Questline for getting the Thunderstrike Book


V 1.3 
Changed the GUI of the Rune- and Sacrificing Altar to make it easier to understand how they work

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Twitter page (

I'm having some UI issues with the rune altar - it just darkens the background with a small slot looking box in the upper left corner, making it really hard to see where the slots are. Is this intended to bi like that?

1.2 Launching Tomorrow (21.7.2023) around 4 p.m. UTC.
Prepare for a whole lot of new and Powerfull Runes, Bosses, Structures, a new Weapon and much more