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This mod adds updates that the community has wanted for a while! This mod adds these updates Mojang-style, and adds cool new unique features!

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v1.0: The End Update

  • Added Ender Golems!
    • Ender Golems place torches in dark areas where monsters can spawn!
    • Ender Golems will also attack all Ender mobs in the future!
  • Added 3 new End plants!
    • Chorus Weed!
      • Can be crafted to make a Suspicious Stew that gives the Speed effect!
    • Chorus Twist!
      • Can be crafted to make a Suspicious Stew that gives the Speed effect!
    • Chorus Bloom!
      • Can be crafted into 4 Purple Dye!
      • Can be crafted to make a Suspicious Stew that gives the Darkness effect!
  • Added Chorite!
    • A new ore that can be found in the End, mostly found deeper down instead of close to the top of End islands!
    • Drops 2 Chorite which is a new item!
    • Endermites can rarely spawn when mined!
    • 1 Chorite item can be used to craft an Enderpearl!
    • 9 Chorite items can be combined to craft a Chorite Block, and the block can be crafted back into 9 Chorite items again!
  • Added Fractured End Stone!
    • When hit with a projectile, it will disappear for 3 seconds, which allows you to walk through it until it becomes solid again!
    • Can be crafted with one End Stone block surrounded by 4 Chorite!
  • Added Endermite Eggs!
    • These cannot be crafted, but can be dropped by Endermites when they're killed!
    • Can be thrown!
    • When they hit the ground after being thrown, they will instantly hatch an Endermite!
  • Added End Sand!
    • Can be smelted into Glass Blocks, and smelts quicker than other things!
    • Can be put in a Dispenser to create Dust particles!
  • Added End Huts!
    • Can be found throughout the End!
    • Contains useful blocks and items!
    • Wood source of the End!
  • Added End Stone Buttons and Pressure Plates!
    • Crafted just like the other Buttons and Pressure Plates, but with End Stone instead!
  • Added 2 new Paintings!
    • Ender Golem - 1 block in Width/Height!
    • Chorus Tree - 1 block in Width/Height!
  • Added 4 new Advancements!
    • "The End of Golems?!"
      • "Summon an Ender Golem"
    • "Fractical"
      • "Obtain and place a Fractured End Stone block"
    • "Ore of the End"
      • "Obtain Chorite in the End"
    • "Dawn of the Endermites"
      • "Throw an Endermite Egg"


  • The Chorus Weed and Chorus Twist are inspired by the Quark mod, and I'm using my own textures for them as well!
  • MCreator for making this mod possible!
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