Simple Hot Air Balloons

Published by Conborg on Sat, 12/10/2022 - 03:25
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Simple Hot Air Balloons (SHAB)

is a mod that takes simple Vanilla items and creates Hot Air Balloons! Take to the sky with your very own Hot Air Balloon! All models and mechanics in this mod were based off of real Hot Air Balloons. All audio was also recorded from real Hot Air Balloons... so, needless to say, I think you will enjoy this mod!


Some basic items are:

Envelope Glider

- Hot Air Balloon Basket

- Coal Burner

- Balloon Envelopes (All colors)

- Hot Air Balloons (All colors)

- Coal Flame Thrower

- Iron Coal Flame Thrower

- Flame Thrower Fuel

- Envelope Gliders (All Colors)

Some special features are:

- Dropping TNT, Sand, Red Sand, Gravel, an Anvil, Arrows, Flint and Steel, and Scaffolding... all from your Hot Air Balloon!

- Using Flame Throwers to ignite mobs!

Flame Thrower

Drop TNT

Craft Hot Air Balloon:

1. Hot Air Balloon Basket (Any Wood Slab)

2. Coal Burner (Any Stone Slab)

3. Hot Air Balloon Envelope (Any Wool)

4. Hot Air Balloon

- Extras -

1. To add coal (or charcoal) to your Hot Air Balloon, simply hold some in your hand and right click.

2. To pick up your Hot Air Balloon, simply sneak right click and it will turn back into an item.

3. To extend your flight span, try thrusting every few seconds.

4. To quickly make your Hot Air Balloon go down, press LCTRL

5. Check it out on Curseforge!


- Distribution -

*** Please do not copy, claim, or redistribute anything from my mod as your own. ***

 - You are absolutely welcome to making Videos, Commentary, Tutorials, Blogs, etc.

 - And you are most welcome to include it in your mod-packs!


- Credits -

All content and features were created by me, Conborg.

Modification files
SHAB (1.19.2) V1.0.0.jar - (1.19.2)Uploaded on: 02/09/2023 - 00:59   File size: 478.34 KB
SHAB (1.16.5) V1.1.0.jar - (1.16.5)Uploaded on: 02/20/2023 - 20:41   File size: 742.95 KB
SHAB (1.18.2) V1.1.1.jar - (1.18.2)Uploaded on: 03/13/2023 - 17:01   File size: 513.97 KB

First Release (1.16.5)


- December 26, 2022.

...Updated from 1.16.5 to 1.18.2


-January 13, 2023.

... Updated 1.18.2 and added Coal Flamer Thrower, Iron Flame Thrower, and Flame Thrower Fuel.


January 23, 2023.

... Updated 1.18.2 add some new features and fixed some issues


February 3, 2023.

...Updated 1.18.2...Fixes:
-Problems with thrusting Hot Air Balloons and opening inventories

New Features:
-Arrows dropped from Hot Air Balloons can be picked up now
-Added 16 varieties of "Envelope Gliders"
-"Envelope Gliders" are helmet items and once worn allows slow fall and more
-All 16 "Envelope Gliders" are crafted with it's corresponding "Envelope" and two sticks
-Changed some button names
-"Quick Down" button now applies to "Envelope Gliders"


February 8, 2023.

...Updated to version 1.19.2


February 20, 2023

...Added all newest features to 1.16.5


March 3, 2023

...Updated models and added more anvil types to the drop list