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Tired of mining all day for those precious gems and metals? Try Ore Golemz!


This mod adds 10 different Ore Golems, that you can breed and farm for resources.

All you have to do to make them is harvest a couple ores with a Silk Touch pickaxe and combine those with the appropriate ore block and of course a carved pumpkin to get yourself your very own Ore Golem.


For example, the Gold Ore Golem requires 3 Gold Ores, a Raw Gold Block, and a Carved Pumpkin to craft.

Other Golems are crafted similarly using other ores.


Once you have two of a certain kind of golem, you can breed them together to produce a third one, just like you would with any other animal. To breed them, you'll need appropriate raw metal or gemstone the golem is created from. (For example a Diamond Ore Golem requires a Diamond to breed, while the Iron Ore Golem requires a piece of Raw Iron.)


Once you have enough Golems, you can kill the fully grown ones and they will drop their resources. (Drop Rates are not affected by the Looting enchantment.)


To get the crafting recipes and drop chances of all Golems, the usage of JEI is highly advised.

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