Charcoal Generators

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Just like a normal forge mod. Nothing special.


Have you ever wondered why there are coal blocks, but not charcoal blocks?* Have you ever wished there were? If you answered yes to either of them (Or if you did not) then this is the mod for you!

*because Jeb would rather add worthless annoying stone types

Build a multiblock Kiln to Burn logs into charcoal blocks. It all fits in a 3x3x3 cube. Click on the interface with a flint and steel or fire charge then 2 of any vanilla log to start. Then wait until the charcoal is ready. Click on the export collect it. You can use an optional redstone controller to help automate the process which will only occur if the controller is powered. See image 2 in the pictures for how to build it. A hopper can remove charcoal blocks from an export above it (There can only be one in it at a time! It will also delete any item in the first slot), or input logs into an interface

All blocks can be broken with either a wrench or an iron or better pickaxe.

An in game wiki is coming soon.

It is meant to be like Fluid Generators.


The slab does not look right in you hand because cubik will not let me edit how it looks when you hold it.

Charcoal block only smelts 4 items.


Official Site

CurseForge (31 downloads)…


You can also use NEI or something like that.

Modification files
CharcoalGenerators1-0-0.jar - Charcoal Generators 1.0.0Uploaded on: 07/15/2018 - 02:29   File size: 212.75 KB

1.0.0-Mod released

1.0.1-Finish Guide Book

Bug report: block of charcoal only burns 4 items, while ut should burn 80 items