FarmAdventure | The mod of farm and adventure

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FarmAdventure is a mod of FARM and ADVENTURE. on the Minecraft version of 1.12.2.

The mod adds several new minerals, as well as their armor, weapons and tools.

It also adds various dimensions, as difficult as the others, which allow to find different structures that allow to recover some plants, objects and others in order to advance in the mod.

This mod is us english basic, but you can also change it for french from France.


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Here is the file to see all the crafts available in the new blocks of crafts that are impossible to see :




     Ores :

  • New ores (Dragonium, Ruby, Saphir, Titanium, and Electrozite)
  • New tools, weapons and armor (Dragonium, Ruby, Saphir and Titanium)

       Sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe (juste for dragonium), and bow and arrow (just in Dragonium)


  • New sticks (Dragonium, Ruby, Saphir and Titanium)
  • New Blocks (Dragonium, Ruby, Saphir and Titanium)
  • New Guns : The Arrow Gun shoots constantly arrow with Right Click, The Water Gun set a water block on the ground, The Lava Gun set a lava block on the ground, and the Explode Gun shoot an explosive arrow.

     Blocks :

  • New Respawn Block ( When the player clicks, his spawn point will change to where he was.)
  • New Time Block ( When a player presses on it, the day will come back on its own.)
  • New Weather Block ( When a player presses on it, the sun will recover on its own. )
  • New Crafts Blocks :  Crafting Table 2.0, Forge 2.0, Cooker and 3000, and Electro Block Generator
  • New Obsidians : Purple Obsidian (Level 2), Pink Obsidian (Level 3), Orange Obsidian (level 4), and Red Obsidian (Set a lava block when destroy, and don't drop)

     TNTs :

  • Tnt 5x
  • Tnt 20x
  • Tnt 50x
  • Tnt 100x

Plants :

Corn Plant with this seeds

Decorations Blocks :

  • Little Table
  • Black and White Hat

Hats :

  • Little Table
  • Black and White Hat


     Items :

  • New Foods :
  1. Brown Sauce
  2. French Fries
  3. Oil
  4. Putin
  5. Stuck Eggs
  6. Omelet
  7. Maple Syrup
  8. Chocolate Cake
  9. Corn


  •  New Apples :

                                 - Green Apple (Give speed 1 for 30 seconds and is like a vanilla apple)

                                 - Saphir Apple (Give Speed 2 for 150 seconds, Fire resistance 2 for 150 seconds, absorbtion 2 for 150 seconds,

                                    resistance 2 for 30 seconds, and regeneration 4 for 10 seconds. Give also 6 half-legs.)

  • New Potions :

                                 - Levitation Potion (Give an effect of levitation 1)

                                 - Instant Health 3 (Give an effect of Instant health 3)

                                 - Potion of the Adventurer (Give an effect of speed 3 for 5 minutes, haste 3 for 5 minutes, fire resisatnce 3 for 5 minutes, water breathing 3 for 5 minutes,

                                    saturation 3 for 5 minutes, jump boost 2 for 5 minutes, and regenaration 2 for 30 seconds.)


Fuel :

  • Orange Obsidian (42 000 ticks)
  • Red Obsidian (64 000 ticks)

Magic Powers :

  • Water Magic Power
  • Lava Magic Power
  • Health Magic Power
  • Explosions Magic Power
  • Jump Magic Power
  • Speed Magic Power
  • Anti Water Magic Power



     Structures :

  • New Falling Firs
  • New Small Greenhouse
  • New Creeper Crops
  • New Cacao Crops
  • New Way of Death
  • New Way of Life
  • New Barn
  • New fallen Tree (Jungle tree, oak tree, and spruce tree)

     Dimensions :

  • New Glowstone Dimension
  • New Wooden Dimension
  • New Ice Dimension
  • New Quartz Dimension
  • The Last Dimension

     Biomes :

  • New Falling Firs
  • New Obsidian Biome
  • New Nether Biome
  • New End Biome
  • New Aliens Biome
  • Last Biome

     Advancements :

  • New Advancements (For almost everything except for saphir and titanium)
  • New Advancements Other (Like killing a mob, interacting with a minecart, or using a hoe.)

     Mobs :

  • Aliens (Aliens of almost all colors)
  • Destructorio (First Boss)
  • Dragonix (Second Boss. Drop the Dragonium Ingot)
  • The Last Boss (The third, and last boss. Drop Red Obsidian, and sometimes a Dragonium Block


     Others :

  • New Creatives Tabs (Resources, Tools and Weapons, Armor, Blocks, Others, Tnts Plants and Foods)


Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Version Release 1.0 :

Hello everybody,


I have the honor to announce you that I leave TODAY 18 September 2018, the mod that I work for more than 3 months now, Farm Adventure.

I have been working on this version for over 1 month, because I wanted to release a mod well done, I wanted to correct as many bugs as possible.


Here is the big changelog of this new version:



News Features :


  1. New Ore : The Electrozite
  2. New Crafting Block : The Electro Block Generator
  3. New Guns : The Arrow Gun shoots constantly arrow with Right Click, The Water Gun set a water block on the ground, The Lava Gun set a lava block on the ground, and the Explode Gun shoot an explosive arrow.
  4. The secret of the 1.0.0 Update
  5. New Crafts for the saddle, and the Elytra
  6. New Sharpness, Protection, and Efficiancy items upgrade (Features coming soon.)
  7. New Corn seeds (and the craft)
  8. New Structures (Fallen Jungle Tree, Fall oak Tree, and Barn)
  9. More new features

Modifications :

  1. New 3D model for the Cooker 3000
  2. New structures formats. It's now a .nbt file.
  3. Modifications of some Crafts
  4. Modifications of the Dragonix Textures
  5. Modifications of fuel for Crafting Blocks. It's now the Electrozite Ingot.
  6. Modifications of the numbers Alien Spawn
  7. Modifications of the strutures spawn
  8. Modifications of many 3D modelsAnd more modifications

BugFixs :

  1. The game crash when we shift click on an empty box of a new GUI.
  2. The structures doesn't have items in chests or dispencers.
  3. Bugs with bows
  4. Texts are the Modifications blocs (spawn bloc, time block, and weather block) were bugged.
  5.  And a lot bugfix, but I don't remember of all bugfixs. It is however the major bugfixs.


I wish you a good time with it, and I want your feedback, your opinions, and your suggestions.




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