[JaTM #2] Blue Primsrine Mod

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(pls dont unpublish pls pls pls)

Ok, another mod, useful for building, just adds Blue Prismarine thing that mixes very well with much blocks. Most of builders want this color, so here it is. Useful for building.

PS: JaTM means Just a Tiny Mod, it's a series of mods suggested on reddit or other media that just add some tiny things to minecraft instead of super large system of things. The mods won't get updates unless a bugfix.

Modification files
Blue Prismarine Mod v1.0.jar - just a download file, againUploaded on: 09/19/2018 - 16:01   File size: 69.71 KB

1.0 -


make a new blue dye like prismarine blue when you combine prismarine crystal and inc sac 4 Prismarine Blue comes out!