Billy's Decos Mod

Published by Billy-Joe on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 21:29
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This mod has moved to Java code and to CurseForge. All updates will follow along there.

Thank you for all of your downloads and respect, I hope you can follow along with me on my coding adventure.

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Billys_Decos_Ver_1.2.0.jar - Overhaul!618.01 KB

Added and/or changed:

  • Updated models!
  • Fancy lamps!
  • Fairy lights!
  • Items!
  • Butter block and basket!
  • Pizza!
  • Lamps!
  • Campfires!
  • Rubish bin!
  • Food!
  • Weapon!


  • Chairs and a blocks that have custom hitboxes can bounce you away (Due to MCreator)

The chair, lamp and fancy lamp models are from Mr.Crayfish. I gave him credit in the description. I am slowly updating this mod to java code so the models will be re-done so they are my own version while using his mod as a base model.