Floating Trees in 1.9.0

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So,i wanted to make a Plant (Raspberry and Oranges) but i seen theres no Double Plant :( So this is very bad for my mod. Please add this.

And the Floating Trees bug is not fixed,i generated new world and these trees are often spawning on Custom water :(

Mcreator 1.9.0


Seed: 3296918344999956508

Coordinates: Cant get them because im on Laptop :( (F3 Dont Work)


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Issue comments

For double plants, this is covered here: https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/48817

For the trees bug, could you please attach sharable ZIP file of the workspace to the ticket (you can export it in File menu). Please give me the seed of the world and coordinates too so I can try to reproduce this as in my tests this did not happen.

Thanks! A lot of work has done. I think i add 2 other ores for this Dimension and 1 new Berry Bush(Orange or raspberry,What do you think?) and i added now some Sky Pumpkin(normal,carved,and Jack o) And i will add some mobs like cloud mobs,and dungeons etc. :D

Even if Floating trees on water is a bug, it looks nice, it looks like a swamp, Will you add the ability for the tree stem to grow underwater for real swamp Klemen? in a later version

Loic: I will consider this.

RockstarBonnet: The overall ambient of the dimension is just so nice :D

More plants, more variety :D

I prefer not to remove it as it is quite a large topic. You can edit the topic to include new pictures.

I did not test trees with custom dimensions. Now I have fixed this too:

Fixed tree generator in dimensions

The fix for this will be released with 1.9.0 patch update.

thx :) now this looks better :) And i just can make a new forum,and write in the top of the old new forum or discontinued forum xD

PATCH UPDATE 29. 6. 2019, 19:00 CET

There were some bugs found in MCreator 1.9.0 so we decided to release a patch update. If you are having one of the following bugs and downloaded MCreator before the time of the patch, consider reinstalling version 1.9.0:

  • [#50676] Could not type uppercase S and C in MCreator due to shortcuts being assigned to them
  • [#50710] Missing references to blocks or items that were not properly deleted in previous MCreator version could cause Minecraft to crash
  • [#50711] Trees were still generating in lakes in custom dimensions
  • [#50688] MCreator did not work on computers with the language set to Turkish
  • [#50705] MCreator could fail to save workspace on some slower hard drives
  • [#50705] In some cases users could not create a new workspace
  • If one closed the main window while Gradle was running and canceled the close, the window closed nonetheless
  • One could close MCreator while the Gradle workspace was setting up
  • Fast clicking on the build, run client or run server button repeated this task multiple times
  • Added a notice about supported model types in the UI

To apply the patch (fix these bugs), uninstall MCreator 1.9.0, download it again and install it again.

More info: https://mcreator.net/news/50594/mcreator-190-potion-full-screen-and-more

I don't had an mcr, I must export a shareable zip file reinstall 1.9.0 because of the patch, and then I clicked on import workspace or open idk, and then I had all the things. But there was no texture on the page, just the elements. Like the Sky dirt, there was a texture in the element, but not in the main page. 

Wait i didn't read all but what you mean is that on the Element picture in workspace, it don't shiw the texture but inside the element, there is the texture?

Still after this patch, i still see some trees under air blocks or trees in trees if we uses Custom structure as tree

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