Floating Trees in 1.9.0

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Issue description

So,i wanted to make a Plant (Raspberry and Oranges) but i seen theres no Double Plant :( So this is very bad for my mod. Please add this.

And the Floating Trees bug is not fixed,i generated new world and these trees are often spawning on Custom water :(

Mcreator 1.9.0


Seed: 3296918344999956508

Coordinates: Cant get them because im on Laptop :( (F3 Dont Work)


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Issue comments

I don't had an mcr, I must export a shareable zip file reinstall 1.9.0 because of the patch, and then I clicked on import workspace or open idk, and then I had all the things. But there was no texture on the page, just the elements. Like the Sky dirt, there was a texture in the element, but not in the main page. 

Wait i didn't read all but what you mean is that on the Element picture in workspace, it don't shiw the texture but inside the element, there is the texture?

RockstarBonnet: Click rebuild code in Build & run menu. This should remake textures too.

Well for stairs one cannot make 100% functional ones yet.

Still after this patch, i still see some trees under air blocks or trees in trees if we uses Custom structure as tree