Jumbled Itemry

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A mod I made mostly an oddity of different things put together in one mod. Adds 4 different trees, 8 different crafting machines and various other items to minecraft.

More info can be found in the changelog.

I have images of how to craft everything I've added, but am unsure how I'd go about adding them to this mod's page (any help with this would be appreciated.)

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Added 4 New Trees and Saplings, Logs, Planks, Stripped Log, Leaves, Tools, Sword, etc. made from each type.
  • Green Cherry Tree
  • Yan Tree
  • Tolden Tree
  • Wolten Tree

Added Default Recipes using new wood types to make each default minecraft wood items, tools and blocks where appropriate.

All items made from the wood that's been added can be used in the default minecraft furnace as fuel.

Added 8 new crafting machines/blocks used to create various items in my mod.

  • Tiven Crafting Table (Used to create the other 7 machines; Tiven Crafting Table can be crafted in a default crafting table.)
  • Log Sawmill (Used to create the Stripped Log variants of my Log blocks.)
  • Grain Grinder (Can be used to make Bowl of Flour Item, currently only used as an alternative to make Pumpkin Pies as well as this mod's Green Cherry Pie. Can also be used to grind sugar cane into 2 sugars, instead of the normal crafting recipe that yields only 1 sugar.)
  • Forge Anvil (Used to smelt 2 iron or gold ingots from one ore block of the iron or gold variety.)
  • Augmentor Forge (Used to upgrade Gold, Iron or Diamond Swords into the plus variants: which are +2 attack stronger than the default ones. As well as used to create a few new items that are used to make other things.)
  • Lava Smelter (Used to create buckets of lava: Mainly created so the player can make lava for use in the Forge Anvil and Augmentor Forge without having to constantly go to the Nether or for in such cases the player somehow runs out of lava.)
  • Pie Mixer (Used to mix Pumpkin or Green Cherry Pies that can be cooked in the default furnace.)
  • Juicer (Used currently to make only Green Cherry Juice. Plans to add some more variety of juices in future versions.)

Nice mod :)
Your images are quite blurry though.

Cool mod :)
You should write in the description that more info can be found on the changelog