Flower Bundle (another update, another hiatus)

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Updated, at last!

This update is mostly incompatible with the older versions (read: items will disappear), sorry about that!

Flower Bundle is a simple modification that adds 100+ plants to the game, including roses, cacti, fruit and much more! If you're looking for a challenge, try to collect all the new plants: get ready to travel a lot, as each plant spawns in a specific biome!

UPDATE 2.1.0
Last update before another hiatus for personal reasons. Introducing snowlogged plants, tall plants, potions and ore dict support!
10 new plants, including snowlogged plants and tall plants (more info here)
Potions: a new potion effect (Hypothermia), and brewable potions! (more info here)
Some more blocks and items, such as Glowing Dyes, Aloe Gel Blocks, and Teleporters (more info here)
Tweaks and improvements: fixed grass/mushroom boots, some events now play sounds, some items and blocks are now deprecated
Last but not least, ore dict support! Some blocks and items are now included: Cattail Pollen is tagged as "flour", moss blocks as "blockMoss", dyes as "dyeCream", "dyeMaroon" etc. Most importantly, the Flower Wand now works on any plant tagged as "flowerBundleFertilizable", including eventual plants from other mods!

UPDATE 2.0.1

Quick patch to make Lime/Light Blue/Gray Reindeer Moss craftable and cream/maroon wool no longer mineable with a pickaxe.
Update also adds the Lavender Dye and blocks (except for Glazed Terracotta)


So, the update that was postponed for so long has finally rolled out. There's a lot more compared to the older versions, so I've made a bunch of Imgur albums to explain new stuff. The most notable additions are:

Italian translation;
60 more plants: including aquatic plants, moss, and some other interesting plants
3 new structures: the Glowberry Dungeon, the Greenhouse and the Fairy Ring (more info here)
A new biome: the Mediterranean Woodland, featuring stone pine trees;
New potion effects and new tools, such as scythes and parachutes (more info here)
More blocks and items: 2 new dyes as well as 1.14 ones, more planters, more fences etc. (more info here)
Some more advancements, including a 'Harvest all plants' one
Bug fixes and tweaks: burnable blocks are finally burnable, blocks render correctly on maps, planting berries and bulbs should feel less clunky, ground cover plants connect to each other (no need for the connected textures mod), the flower wand has a new texture etc. Aside from that, old stuff is the same.

You can use the spreadsheet with recipes, but keep in mind it's not fully updated yet!




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Version 2.1 (07/09/2019)

  • Lavender Dye and blocks (except for Glazed Terracotta)
  • Lime/Light Blue/Gray Reindeer Moss actually craftable
  • Can no longer mine Cream/Maroon Wool faster with pickaxes

Version 2.0 (03/09/2019)

  • Italian translation;
  • 61 new plants, including aquatic plants, moss, other plants with interesting behaviours;
  • 3 new structures: Glowberry dungeon, Greenhouse, Fairy Ring;
  • 1 new biome and tree: Mediterranean Woodland and Stone Pine trees;
  • 3 new potion effects: Volatility, Flower Blessing, Shielding;
  • 3 new tools: Glowberry Crown, Flower Parachute, Scythes (in 5 'vanilla' variants);
  • More blocks and items: granite/diorite/andesite bricks and planters, small stone bricks, cream/maroon dyes and blocks, charred/stone pine fences and fence gates, rain detector, lightbulb lamp, 1.14 dyes, mysterious stews;
  • More advancements
  • Tweaked old items: blocks are burnable and render correctly in maps, new texture for the flower wand, endless cookie is available in creative inventory, catnip applies some effects to cats/ocelots, ground-cover plants connect to each other

Version 1.3 (14/02/2019)

  • 17 new plants
  • Bunch of stuff, complete list on the website

Version 1.2

  • Barrel Cactus, Cloudberries, Prickly Pear, Lightbulb tweaks
  • 3 new advancements
  • Lightbulb blocks
  • Cattail pollen


Version 1.1

  • Added Charred Planks, Charred Wood (and natural counterpart), Mat Blocks, Lightbulb and Potions of Glowing
  • Slightly tweaked Edelweiss and Green Dahlia textures
  • Made the flower wand 100% more magical

As for the lilypad, it uses some custom code for ray-tracing, similar to that of vanilla lily pads. MCreator 1.9.1 will add a ray-tracing procedure block, so it might become possible to make lily pads with procedures alone.

Submitted by diacreep14 on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 15:37

It's a really beutiful mod. I even put it into a nitrado server modpack and my friends loved all those flowers. But i have one question. How did you made that custom armor models?

Submitted by jeff29 on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 22:53

amazing mod i love it

Submitted by Maxxer on Fri, 09/20/2019 - 01:55

The cave biome is real??