Runecraft: Heritage of the Dragonkin

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The continuation of my Runescape themed mods: Heritage of the Dragokin
Another pocket mod which now adds a new tier of material over netherite!

The mod adds a full set of Dragonite equipment including a sword and the equipment also got its own light variant with a med helm, chainbody and plateskirts. 
The mod also comes with 2 shield variants (in form of a kite and a square shield)


The Orikalkum ore is as rare as the lazulit and can find in the same levels with the same rarity. It doesn't requires any special treatment or smelting process just mine and put it in a furnace and you are good to go, but some of the equipment requires netherite and bone as crafting materials!


CURIOS API is required to play with the mod!!

Orikalkum, known to adventurers by the name dragon, is a strong, red metal. Dragon equipment is should beign considered as the next level up from netherite and thus is included in the metals category.

Orikalkum is based on the mythical metal Orichalcum (or Aurichalcum), a metal associated with Atlantis and found in Plato's writings, and is also used to describe the alloy in some Roman coins. It is currently believed to be a form of brass created by the Greeks.


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