God of Craft

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God of Craft

Disclaimer: I don´t think on upgrading this mod unless it has good reviews.


Yeah, I know, God of War, but in minecraft.

I haven´t added much, the only weapons I added are: Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos and Blade of Artemis.

Leviathan Axe ingame:

Leviathan Axe





















Blade of Chaos ingame:

Blade of Chaos


Blade of Artemis ingame:

Blade of Artemis

Also, you may have noticed something, the gems are not there!

Well, that´s because you have to make them, for the Leviathan Axe, you need a Cold Triangle Gem and a Cold Square Gem. These don´t have their own abilities, the only thing they do is boost the damage by 1. And when you have both gems on the weapon, you can press ENTER and you´ll freeze your weapon! (You basically apply slowness and weakness for a short while, but your weapon becomes slower)

Same with the Blade of Chaos, but you only need 1 Hot Square Gem for each blade.

(The gems can be crafted with any enchanted book)


Cold Square Gem:

Cold Square Gem










Cold Triangle Gem:

Cold Triangle Gem










Hot Square Gem:

Hot Square Gem










Leviathan Axe:

Leviathan Axe










Blade of Chaos:

Blade of Chaos










Blade of Artemis:

(The block below the iron blocks is Black Wool)

Blade of Artemis

Modification files
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