The Cobblestone Mod

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The cobblestone mod is a mod based around cobbleston that you can craft in a 3x3 to get uncommon cobblestone. And than uncommon cobblestone to get rare cobblestone and than again to get epic and again to get legendary and than again to get mythical. With al the spesial cobblestone you can craft coal, iron, diamond and netherite. And if you realy try to find seacret resepis than maby you can try to get bedrock. Also if you have eany Ideeas for me to add than just coment it. (and pls uppvote the mod if you leked it)

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Cobblestone mod - The cobblestone modUploaded on: 10/15/2023 - 18:30   File size: 99.05 KB

i like the idea of making cobblestone more usefull but you should prob nerf it a bit as its super easy to get mythical