Mortius' Weaponry

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Mortius' Weaponry is a mod that aims to add new weapon types for players and add more variety. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages and can be crafted with every material.

It's recommended to use the JEI mod to see every crafting recipe. 

You can add this mod in your modpacks.

Weapons :


Fast and can pierce armor, but has low damage compared to every other swords.

War Hammer

Deals more damage the more armor an entity has, but is slightly slower and has a lower base damage.


If a shield is in the off-hand, it will be used automaticaly at the cost of a cooldown. It's slightly faster than most swords.


Deals more damage if the player hits an entity while not being seen, aswell as in the dark. Has a lower base damage.


Can give the opponent mining fatigue and make them drop their shield.


Can reach entities from far away and can disable shields. It's slower to use and needs two hands to be used.


Deals more damage if an entity isn't wearing an helmet. Has a bigger sweeping attack and high damage, but it's really slow and needs two hands to be used.

Parrying Dagger

Has a synergy with the rapier if put in the off-hand. If put in the main-hand, the dagger will absord 10% of incomming damage. Deals very low damage, but it's faster than most swords.

Jousting Lance

Deals more damage if the player is riding an entity.


Can reach entities from very far away, but needs two hands to be used and is slower than most weapons.

Auto Crossbow

Fires normal arrows at a rapid rate, but deals less damage than normal crossbow. Doesn't need to be reloaded.


After being hurt, the wielder has a small window of time to recover some of their lost health.


Deal respectable damage at a long range, but are slow to reload.

Modification files
mortius_weaponry_v1.2_1.20.1.jar - Version 1.2 ; minecraft 1.20.1Uploaded on: 11/24/2023 - 15:28   File size: 607.38 KB
mortius_weaponry_v1.2_1.19.4.jar - Version 1.2 ; minecraft 1.19.4Uploaded on: 11/24/2023 - 15:28   File size: 606.9 KB


Additions :

  • Flintlock Pistol
  • Musket
  • Blunderbuss
  • Ramrod
  • Short Barrel
  • Long Barrel
  • Blunderbuss Barrel
  • Trigger
  • Flintlock Mechanism
  • Musket Ball
  • Flintlock Parts villager trade (weaponsmith)
  • ''Messer'' advancement
  • ''Flint n' Gunpowder'' advancement

Changes :

  • Better Dummy
  • Each Halberd/Spear deal their respective damage value (-1) at a long distance.
  • Nerfed the messer's damage


Additions :

  • Messer
  • Vengeance enchantment


Changes :

  • Nerfed the Halberd's and Spear's range
  • Daggers are now faster