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Published by zienaxd on Wed, 05/27/2020 - 16:51
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Welcome to Otaku World, In which you can find different characters from anime series and movies, some characters do not attack, but heroes (Asta, Koro-Sensei, etc.) will attack only if they are attacked, villains will always attack.

Each character is in different biomes, and are categorized by level, characters with less than 900 health don't show a life bar, but this does not mean that they are all harmless. The upper bar represents the difficulty of the character. All information is specified on the Wiki.

Here you can find all the characters that I plan to upload in the future, all the objects that will be from each series are also shown. In the latest updates there are only the characters, this is because I have not thought about what to put in the series. Any suggested series is listed in the latest update (V1.4.1).

  • 90 New Mobs
  • 69 New Armors
  • 43 New Blocks
  • 47 New Items
  • 35 New Decorations
  • 22 New Weapons
  • 15 New Tools
  • 14 New Vehicles
  • 21 New Foods
  • 10 New Structure
  • 6 New Plant
  • 1 New Biome

Download a map with the Structures Here

All the errors and problems that they are telling me I am correcting them little by little. The changes of the next update can be seen at: https://otaku-world-minecraft-mod.fandom.com/wiki/Upgrade

Suggestions of all kinds are accepted, fix something, modify textures, add blocks or characters.