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This is a mod i worked on for months. i hope you enjoy

Info: This mod contains about +65 mobs and a few biomes cave, nether or normal, and also has a lot of references

There are some wacky and crazy themed mobs in the mod.
Such as the picker a neutral mob that is "peck-ish" for shiny items and a silveranah which is a hybrid of a piranah and silverfish

Two caves that are literally buggy however one called the mite-y cave which is full of silverfish like mobs and the webbed cave is full of well you probebly know
Pickers are neutral mobs that secret hold valuables. they drop any time of gem. they do attack

Mitey cave is one of the buggiest biomes spawns silverfish like mobs

Mystery ores have a chance dropping a random gem. so its like a box of chocolates you dont know what your gonna get

This is proxwarrior33 is a boss mob with 10 different attacks and can summon mobs

Here are some references

Here is some key info for you (here is 10 facts) also chaonimal is pronounced "chao from chaos and nimal from animal"

  1. Those siege weapons act like golems and their projectiles give effects depending on ammo (they are also craftable with their parts in the grey crafting table).
  2. The Hands are tame and breedable with any wool. (they do spawn in the lucky caves and spawn with random effects)
  3. Golden apple enchanter now enchants golden apples. (who remembers the 1.12.2 enchantable golden apples mod)
  4. The Militia and Archer and those siege weapons spawn in their own dimension. (Called the empirean biome) also again i'm a aoe2 fan
  5. The Rattasaurus spawns in the rotten caverns. (i generated it as an ai image then i decided to turn it into a real mob)
  6. The House creeper creates houses. (they do look like builders dont they)
  7. Lich is a mini-boss that spawns those floating skulls. (inspired by a very old 1.7.10 mod)
  8. All the spiders spawn in a webbed cave same as mites spawn in mitey caves (mites give different potion effect).
  9. Farmer now sells extra food like cheese (heals 6 hearts) and chillis (strong fire resistance) and magic cookies (gives random effects).
  10. Plantite and Cumaulus are a reference to dragon quest. (i'm a big fan of DQ and completed DQ:IX and DQ:XI)



Modification files
ProxMobsMod1.jar - Fixed the trade bug in the modUploaded on: 11/27/2023 - 23:28   File size: 1.51 MB
ProxMobsPart2.jar - Added a few more suprisesUploaded on: 01/21/2024 - 14:01   File size: 2.74 MB

None so far
Added several more items and mobs three new dimensions and fixed most bugs