Double Vanilla

Published by Drewpy on Sun, 12/28/2014 - 02:17
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I know the description is long, but, it's optional too, so either stick it out or don't.

Double Vanilla is a mod dedicated to expanding on traditional Vanilla Minecraft by adding more objectives past just defeating the Ender Dragon and so forth. It adds 2 new mobs, 5 new dimensions, 3 more ore types, 3 new foods, a new boss, and a bunch of helpful and cool looking blocks.

Now for some important info on some blocks and tools in this mod:

The Lavawand and the Phraxwand need Bedrock and Phraxdust to work, respectively. Even if you're in gmc, you still need some in your inventory.

Stormphrax and Phraxdust are from the Edge Chronicles book series by Paul Stewart.

Loose Bedrock can only be destroyed by explosions.

A portal made out of Lapis Blocks and ignited with Lapis and Steel can be made to another dimension.

Silvermist Ore only spawns above layer 100 or so.

Many blocks in Double Vanilla are just compact storage for seeds, feathers, sticks, etc.

Tritium and Tritium Blocks can be crafted in different patterns with stone to make every kind of ore, along with Obsidian and Bottles O' Enchanting.

A Tritium Shard crafted with Cobblestone is an easy way to get Stone.

Portals can be made from Blaze Blocks, Aztec Gold, and Gems of the Gods and lit with Flint and Blaze, Bone and Steel, and Gem and Steel respectively.

Mummies only spawn in deserts at night, or in the Barren Wastes dimension, and drop Amber Gems. I have custom sounds for them, but they aren't working right now.

Darkslate Ore spawns in the Slate Caves dimension.

The easiest order from dimension to dimension in gms is the Nether, Water World, Slate Caves, Barren Wastes, Wither Star, Dragon's Hoard.

Block O' Chocos, Sugar Cubes, Bundles of Sticks, Flints Blocks, etc. are just for deco and/or compact storage.

Darkslate is the ONLY ore you can't craft with enough Tritium.

The 9 new bows this mod adds aren't that useful in gms. If you're really into farming, the thunder bow with the creeper bow can get you some some mob heads!

The mining bow is EXTREMELY helpful in gms. At least I think so. It's ammo is glowstone dust.

If you've read this far, congratulations.

Thunder Tnt can't be activated with fire. Only redstone.

Cactus Cookies can be easily farmed. Idk how I came up with the idea for them though...

Stygian Wisps spawn in large quantities in the Wither Star dimension, and drop Stygian Ingots.

When you spawn in the Wither Star dimension, theres a great chance you'll be above the void. Just build a bridge towards 0 0 and you'll see land eventually.

Enriched Scree deposits now spawn in the Barren Wasteland.

To use the Scree Sifter, right-click on it with Enriched Powder or Toasted Scree for some special drops...

Satisfaction Cakes replenish all hunger.

All gear (tools, armor) is crafted the same way as in Vanilla Minecraft except for Stygian gear. It's crafted with Stygian Blocks.

The Sniper Bow is now crafted with Stygian Ingots instead of Eyes of Ender.

The Dragon Egg is craftable now.

Giant Eggs spawn a Chicken when broken (It's kinda buggy though. You'll see)

Mysterious Plants spawn naturally. Dragonweed doesn't.

The Ender Dragon can only be rehatched in the Dragon's Hoard dimension.

If you manage to kill the Stygain Knight, you'll get a nice surprise...

The main goal of the mod, and the new goal for survival Minecraft is to... well... you'll see when you get there :)

I wrote original music for the trailer too, so don't hate on it please.

I've put a month or so into this mod, so I hope it's an enjoyable mod!

If you download it, please tell me what you think, and if you don't, well, have a good day anyway!


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Just updating the mod to the website format. Still version 0.1.3!!!

great mod, but what i don't understand is all these other people promoting their mods? keep comments about the up-loaders mod please.

Not Bad At All But The Lava And Water Staff Is In Other Mod To But The Beat The EdnerDragon Again Cool This Mod Gave Me Ideas And I Will Give credit to the owner of the mod for giving me ideas!

@#28 Not many ideas sent into klemen for him to choose the next, Or hes busy with updating mcreator, Unfortunately I do not no, I deal more with the website spam, trash mods then directly with klemen,mod of the week and mcreator. :) also im doing a mod review on your mod ill leave a link here if you wish. I know people already offered to but its a cool mod.

I couldn't get the unfertilized dragon to work. also some of the items mentioned here I couldn't find in the mod. Finally Im uploading a mod review tomorrow. (Laggy video but mentions the most (my opinion) unique items in the mod) :) I plan to do more mod reviews hopefully i can fix the lag :/