The Tools You Want

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Well, you may not actually NEED it, but you'll definitely WANT this mod!

Why? Well, these!...

The Hook
When toggled on, it can grab mobs and lift them over your head. Great for rounding up those pesky Villages and collecting a bunch of farm animals at once. You can also have fun lifting up Zombies and dropping them from a height. Be careful with Skeletons or Creepers though... Good for all entities - go on, try using it when you're in a minecart!

Jump Boots
They have Jump Boost and Feather Falling. Great for climbing those extra high mountains you always wanted to get to the top of. Also, for escaping mobs. Jump up a tree or on the roof of a house.

A Flashlight
Well, it's kind of faulty - I couldn't work out the code, but hey, you can still use it to light your way in those deep dark recesses of the world. Strangely, doesn't work in mineshafts but really useful in the Deep Dark.

A Golden Scarab Beetle
Probably made by those same Ancients who made the sand temples. This tough little guy can be tamed with pumpkin seeds and will follow you around and help fight mobs that attack you. And, for good measure, he also attacks Creepers on sight. And being golden, means if he dies, you can grab his drop and. use him again.

A Flying Carpet
Who doesn't want a flying carpet? It's kind of OP, yeah but pretty darn fun. Just place it down and watch it pop up into the air, then right-click on it and you can fly anywhere just by looking in the direction you want.

Wtf? Fire you can hold? Well there's more fun uses for this hot stuff. It acts like a falling block, so you can let it fall down into some deep dark hole or cave to light it up below. It can also set fire to mobs, so you can make neat traps for them.

You can make backpacks to carry inside your inventory. They have more inventory to add. The leather one has 9 more slots, the iron one has 15 more slots and the netherite one has a whopping 27 full slots. And amazingly they won't weigh you down!

Add it to a modpack for some extra fun, or just use it on its own!

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