UniMod 0.1

Published by UniBrine on Thu, 02/16/2017 - 20:40
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UniMod 0.1 Wip

By UniBrine


Only 3 items and a biome


The UniSword

Item 1 : The UniSword

A powerful sword that can do more than 10 damages , new capacity soon


The UniAxe

Item 2 : The UniAxe

An axe more faster for cutting than a diamond axe , do more damage too


The Light Sword

Item 3 : The Light Sword

do around of 10 damage


The Magma Biome

Blocs :

Path Grass for the Ground

Magma bloc for the underground "dirt"

Sky :

The sky is Red and some moment at the night it's totally black with stars

Liquid :

Lava doesn't change

The Water is Black, Red and will disappear some moment because there are some Magma blocs in the water


For the 0.2 of the mod :

The Light Sword will light you the way of a monument with a GUI and will cost everytime 32 Fire Balls

10 new items

10 new foods

25 new blocs

a new dimension

Delete the Magma Biome for the new Dimension

Some Cheat Interfact (Creative Only)

Will create 3 New mobs : The Magma Devil , UniBrine , The Neighbor (#HelloNeighbor xD)

Modification files
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