I'll Make A Meal Out Of You

Published by OkayOak on
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In development
Academic Free License v3.0
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This is a lightweight mod that adds foods and helpful items that can be obtained from defeating hostile enemies.

Current additions:

  • Zombie Jerky (obtained by smelting Rotten Flesh)
  • Zombie Skin (drops from Zombies)
  • Broken Bone Knife (drops from Skeletons, and hitting any block with a bone)
  • Bone Broth (obtained by crafting any bone item (Bone, Bonemeal, Bone Knife) with a Bowl)
  • Creeper Jerky (drops from Creepers)
  • Seaweed Soup (obtained by crafting two pieces of Kelp with a Bowl)
  • Zombie Soup (obtained by crafting a piece of Zombie Jerky with a bowl of Seaweed Soup)
  • A recipe for Leather with two Zombie Skin
Modification files
imamooy-1.0.3.jar - 1.0.3: Thanks to Nerdy, the loot tables for IMAMOOY drops are now separate from the entity's main loot table. Uploaded on: 02/03/2024 - 18:57   File size: 36.4 KB
imamooy-1.0.2.jar - 1.0.2: Reduced the amount of creeper jerky dropped at once.Uploaded on: 01/18/2024 - 22:15   File size: 31.53 KB


  • Thanks to NerdyPuzzle's Loot Modifier, the loot table for IMAMOOY drops is now separate from entities' vanilla loot tables. This allows for compatibility with other mods, alongside default Minecraft drop rates to be preserved. Thank you Nerdy!


  • Reduced the amount of Creeper Jerky dropped by Creepers.


  • Added back the Vanilla loot tables for Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers.


  • Mod created.

Nice, but bloody. Why some junk mods with glitched textures get 200 downloads yet this gets 2?