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 This mod is still on the earliest versions, so there may not be much as of now.


Calamity Mod, now sponsored by BisectHosting! Play with friends, explore biomes, find treasure in dungeons and fight bosses. Click the banner and use the code 'salmon' to get a 25% discount. Adventure awaits!!

Special Reminder: This mod will add features from the Vanilla game of Terraria

A multiplayer-friendly mod! 


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This Mod Requires:

Curios API




Visit the Official Calamity Wiki

Ok, look, I understand the no-pics-no-download rule but that'll come soon. I will take pictures only when the mod has a lot of items worth for a picture, right now this mod is nowhere near that so please wait.


Why was this mod made?
  • This mod is the Calamity mod, a mod from the game Terraria and it adds features like bosses, mechanics, items, mana, and much more that we will talk about.
  • This mod is to make Minecraft a better experience for players who are in need of something new since Calamity adds many and thousands of things.
  • For people to have fun with this mod!
  • People who like the Calamity mod itself and wanted it for Terraria.


Accessories are items that are equipped through the curios inventory to further help your gaming and fighting experience. This mod offers multiple accessories to help you boost your damage, health, magic, defense, and more. Sometimes it offers something else like teleportation, dodging/dashing, and shields/damage absorption.
Accessories that we have:

(Some of these accessories are not obtainable but some are)

 - Counter Scarf: This is a movement accessory that allows you to dash a for a certain range and through enemies avoiding damage as though this will have a cooldown. Let's further discuss how this cooldown works.

Cooldown: When dashing, you will be able to dash horizontally to the direction you are moving, getting hurt or damaged while dashing allows you to dodge that, the dodge has a 30 second cooldown. You can still dash at this state, but cannot dodge


- Evasion Scarf: This is the same as the Counter Scarf but with a longer range and longer I-frames (immunity frames)


- Rover Drive: The Rover Drive is a obtainable accessory from the Wulfrum Rover, when equipped, you will be given a shield and 40 HP after 10 seconds. There will be new things like Matrix Durability when equipped, the shield will be activated after 10 seconds and can absorb up to 20 damage (Matrix Durability), when the matrix durability goes down to 0, the shield will break and the timer resets, you also lose 40 of your health, you will have to avoid damage while recharging as it will reset the timer, also, when taking damage and having the matrix durability absorb the damage, if there are any excess damage left, it will be applied to your health


- Abyssal Diving Gear: This is a helmet item that gives 3 defense, extended underwater breathing, removing the bleeding damage of the Abyss (not yet implemented)


- Aero Stone: This increases your movement speed by 10%


- Harpy Ring: Increases movement speed by 10%


- DPS Meter: Each time you hit, your DPS (Damage Per Second) will be recorded in that second, but will reset after that second has passed so get quick CPS to make it reach 1000!


- Sextant: Pressing ALT (Default Keybind) to broadcast the moon phase (doesn't work well just yet)


- Royal Gel: Make slimes friendly (Doesn't Work, soon maybe)


- Slimy Saddle: This is a mount item Press R to summon it, it will automatically mount you once it's summoned, press R again to despawn it.


- Aquatic Embelm: Will increase your swim speed and slowly boost your defense (Max CAP: 50) but will lower your speed too. Getting out will reset all this.



Bosses in this mod are really hard and are over the normal boss hp that is 500. These bosses range from 2,000 HP to 2 million and of course, weapons are balanced here and are enough for these monsters. Bosses will have their respective abilities for each game mode and health points.


HP: 30,000

Defense: 15
Damage: 60

Abilities: Cryogen has multiple abilities for each phase (2 phases for now). For continuous attacks: Ice Blasts, and Ice Bombs. 16 Ice Blasts are shot every 2 seconds in all directions, these inflict freezing damage so dodge them well. He has now the Ice Bombs that will be shot every 10 seconds, 3 of them in all directions and upon colliding/hitting something, it will explode to ice rain. Ice Rains are far dangerous as 12-38 of them will be shot at the air so that will be enough to coordinate and dodge them. These also inflict far more freezing damage than all attacks so avoid this to not get slowed down, this will go on for the rest of the battle. When he drops at 80% of his health after shooting 3 rounds of Ice Blast, he will then charge at you and shoot even more Ice Blast.


Recommended Gear: I recommend full mythril armor protection 4 armor and unbreaking 3. A bow for ranged and rely on the adrenaline bar for the 200% boost to damage though this will last for 5 seconds only and will need 30 seconds to charge (it will make a sound. Default Keybind Activation: B) and willl also need a no-hit run. For food golden apples will do and regeneration splash potions. If you do not want the vanilla weapons then have fun grinding some items for the weapons it will not be hard as I will make a guide soon enough.


King Slime

HP: 2000

Defense: 10

Damage: 40 HP


  • Every 4 jumps, the next will be higher and boosted

  • Each time he is hit, he will spawn 2-3 slimes as the following: Blue Slime, Green Slime, Red Slime, Ice Slime, and Spiked Slimes (Spiked slimes are more likely to be dropped)

  • When King Slime drops to 50% of his HP he will then spawn the Crown Jewel, take this one out first since it will shoot 3 death lasers at you and will make the fight likely harder


Recommended Gear: Diamond armor set, diamond sword and power 5 bow with flaming (flame deals more damage to slimes), regeneration potions and extra health accessories/heart crystals. For revengeance or higher, i'd recommend at least netherite


Eye Of Cthulhu

HP: 3050

Defense: 12 (Phase 1), 0 (Phase 2)
Damage: 15

Abilities: Dashing, Chain Dash. For when eye of cthulhu is spawned, it will start with 4 small dashes charging at you. After 3 seconds this will continue. When reaching 75% of his health he will then transform and have larger, stronger, and faster dashes, this is the "Chain Dash". He will dash 6 times every 1 second and this will continue as the boss is killed.

Note About this boss: The changing to second phase is buggy and I have realized I could've merged them together sicne they were 2 different entities :/


Recommended Gear: Platinum Armor Set, Any weapon you can get (preferably ranged), regeneration potions


The Perforators

HP: 5000 (Perforator Hive)
Defense: 4
Damage: 36

Abilities: Ichor Shots/Blood Geysers, Ichor Blobs. Ichor Shots and Blood Geysers are shoot to the air every 1.25 - 15 seconds, these inflict ichor debuffs and burning blood. When reaching below 70% of it's health, it will now drop 3 ichor blobs that will remain as stationary hazards for 15 seconds, you can remove them by killing it.

Note: This boss is just the Perforator Hive the Perforator Worms are not yet made


Recommended Gear: Diamond Armor set, diamond sword, regeneration potions, counter scarf accessory if possible. (The boss is really easy and will be given a revamp at v3.2.9)


The Slime God

HP: 7200 (Crimulan Paladin), 8000 (Ebonian Paladin), 420 (Slime God/Core)

Defense: 12 (Crimulan Paladin), 10 (Ebonian Paladin), 6 (Slime God/Core)

Damage: 50 (Crimulan Paladin), 42 (Ebonian Paladin), 40 (Slime God/Core)

Abilities: The Slime God has it's own unique abilities for each of them. Crimulan Paladin: Will shoot 4-8 Unstable Crimulan Globs every 7.5 seconds upwards and are affected by gravity. These inflict the "Darkness" debuff for 3 seconds. Contact damage with the Crimulan Paladin will inflict darkness for 5 seconds. Ebonian Paladin: Will shoot 4-13 Unstable Ebonian Globs every 10 seconds in all directions and defy gravity. These inflict the "Weakness" debuff for 3 seconds. Contact damage with the Ebonian Paladin will inflict weakness for 5 seconds and both the Crimulan and Ebonian Globs explode on impact so stay away from these. The Globs are only shot when you are 10 blocks away from them both. The Slime God Core will have all these attacks but will have a ability to dash, this will happen constantly.

Recommended Gear: I recommend platinum gear if you are going for True Melee, ranged, or magic. Regeneration potions are really good for this fight since the globs are powerful


How Adrenaline Works:


Adrenaline will be shown on the top left of the screen which is indicated as a green bar, adrenaline is activated with the keybind "B" by default and will activate when it's full. Whenever adrenaline is full it will make a sound to alert you so make sure you listen well because this provides a damage boost of 200%. When the permanent boosts are used (Starlight Fuel Cell, Ectoheart, and Electrolyte Gel Pack (Obtainable by Slime God treasure bag)) it will boost the damage by 15% meaning if you acquired all this you will get a damage boost of 245% (15+15+15).


Gaining Adrenaline:

To gain adrenaline, you will need to avoid damage for a certain amount of time, when you take damage while it is building up it will reset alongside a sound indicating it. Any source of damage resets this wether it's fall damage or drowning damage, adrenaline cannot be reset when the bar is full. Adrenaline when activated only lasts for 5 seconds so use a weapon that has fast speed.


How Rage Works:


Rage will be shown on the top left corner of the screen which is indicated as a red bar, rage is activated with the keybind "V" by default and can be used when full. Whenever rage is full it will make a sound to alert you. Rage provides a damage boost of 35% and can be stacked with adrenaline for a boost of 235% meaning with the maximum possible adrenaline damage boost which is 245% you can gain 280% damage with rage combined.


Gaining Rage:

To gain rage, you will need to be close to a hostile/monster-type entity to gain rage, the closer you are to that entity the faster it builds up. Rage will be activated only when it's full and will only build when a entity exists, this excludes passive entities like cows, chickens, iron golems, and such but entities like zombies, skeletons, and creepers are counted.


Losing Rage:

Rage will be lost if there is no entity nearby and it will take it only a few seconds to drain. This can be avoided if you have the "Heart of Darkness" accessory that will be dropped with a 1.67% chance from any boss's treasure bag, this will also generate 1 rage per second when equipped and will stop rage from draining.


Sounds are from the official Calamity Mod Wiki, I did not make any of my own

Thank you to DM Dokuro for the incredible music!



Q: Will there be a fabric port?

A: No there won't be, and I don't think I'll ever make one


Q: Can I add this to modpacks?

A: Yes, you can add them to modpacks


Q: I want to make a video and post it somewhere! Can I?

A: Yes you can but please link the mod's site at the description


Q: I want to use this on my server
A: Of course you can use it, good luck though


Q: Can I create addons for this mod?

A: Yes sure! I'd be happy if someone made some.


Modification files
CalamityModMCreatorFile.txt__0.zipUploaded on: 01/23/2024 - 11:14   File size: 942 bytes


  • Increased Kelvin Catalyst’s speed
  • Demon Eyes won’t spawn below Y-160
  • Fixed summons that stay on your head, now they will just try to go to you instead of teleporting to avoid them from being in blocks
  • When you’re far away, the Baby Stormlion will now fly towards you, no animation tho…
  • Decreased dash cooldown and range for Ornate Shield and Shield of Cthulhu
  • Kelvin Catalyst ramming stealth attack now works. Kelvin Catalyst will now throw catalysts faster
  • Ice Breaker will now come back to the player, it will now also do its thing
  • Ice Star now homes very little, it will now stay in the air for 1.2 seconds before falling. Ice Star’s stealth strike will be able to pierce infinitely for four seconds before disappearing, it will also now release 8 ice stars when hitting an enemy
  • Slime Mount is now fixed. Jumping when riding other animals or mounts like horses won’t make them jump extremely high, only the slime mount can do that for now.
  • You can now buy the Ice Star from the Archmage
  • Wearing the full set of Wulfrum Armor will now increase your minion slot by +1
  • Crystalline stealth strike NOW works
  • Pure Clarity’s projectile speed is increased
  • When mounts are summoned, you instantly ride them
  • Added sound effects to items like: Summoning weapons, mana crystals, etc
  • Changed the Miniature Eye of Cthulhu buff
  • Added the Copper Watch, (Doesn’t have to be equipped to work) Will not work properly with /time set since it solely relies on ticks. If you use the Cosmolight, it will set the time to the correct one
  • DPS Meter now doesn’t have to be equipped to be used
  • Added achievements, a ton
  • Water Bottles now heal the player for 20 health
  • Buffed Kelvin Catalyst
  • Dummies will now despawn and drop as an item if left unattended for 2 minutes
  • Changed Target Dummy’s crafting recipe and now requires a target block
  • Fixed Metal Detector
  • Added the Slime Staff
  • Updated Night’s Edge and other recipies
  • Infested Clawmerang will now work like a boomerang and now can use its stealth strike
  • Added the Compass, it will display the horizontal coordinates
  • Removed all keybinds for metal detector, dps, and other stuff. Now replaced with a gui to toggle them
  • Fixed Clothier buying system
  • Added the Depth Meter and can be obtained from the bat for now
  • Decreased bee spawn rate in the jungle, bats also now spawn
  • Added the Gold Watch and Platinum Watch
  • Added the GPS
  • Added the Nurse (Doesn’t do anything yet)



  • Seems like I will be making all the 3d models and textures for the next 3 versions, he got lazy

Great mod! Your description has some issues with loading images though, maybe consider moving your host location to something like imgur :)