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I've been taking a long break, but now finally the newest version is here. This version haves nothing to do with the actual story. Consider it like an update just addin random stuff.

Version 0.06: Modern Warfare. Well, Everyone loves explosions, modern warfare, explosions and explosions... But mostly of all: Explosions. That is why in this update i bring you 

10 New Freaking Guns!! They're all rocket launchers and upgradables too. This version adds a total of 15 new Mods. Missiles (Ammo) Rocket Launchers and Gattling Rocket Launchers (Does 3 times less damage, and less explosion power, but they fire freakin fast) Hope you enjoy this!! This would look good with the Modificable Suits mod (Don't remember the exact name)

Note: Those rocket launchers are made to Destroy Bases, etc. Not pretty much for killing stuff.

V0.06 Modern Warfare 


This current text color: Introduction and stuff, You can ignore this.

Hello, my name is seth5443, blah blah blah. i present you my awesomest mod by far i've made. Also i know you will like it coz of awesome textures lel


In your world: there will be a new plant; Pixel Plant, an plant containing the power of life, You can break it to obtain 1 pixel. Pixel are like compressed energy shards, You can put 9 in your crafting table to create an bigger pixel, Example: Pixel is first, Mega pixel second, Giga Pixel third, Omega Pixel Fourth, Tera Pixel 5th and finally Peta Pixel is the 6th and last one. 

you can also find pixel blocks while mining. they give 4 pixels each one and you normally find a vein of 4-12 pixel blocks


For what are pixels? For potions, and upgrading your stuff..


The lost Weapons Story PROLOGUE: In an alternate dimension, on earth, a special plant that generated ''Pixels'' was been discovered, The ''Pixels'' contained the power Of life. And its been discovered that it had many uses.   Various years later, in a world war. there were 7 Godlike Blacksmiths. And their overpowered weapons were the key to win the war. One day these 7 blacksmiths decided to fight each other to see which one has crafted the best weapon, But due the amount of concetrated Life Power in a single place, everything exploded. And the human race was been exterminated.   This world was been called ''The Lost World'' Because its story is actually unknown. But You happen to explore this world, and find the way to recreate these Weapons.These weapons of the Lost Story.   Chapter 01: ''Gaea Arrives'' The first blacksmith, Gaea, the one who discovered the true power of pixels on weapons, Has created the first war Weapon: The Gaea Hammer. With the special power of pixels, its ability was to create a shockwave that destroys the ground. This weapon was Legendary, and with the time passed, the other Six Blacksmiths discovered the secret behind the Gaea Hammer.   Chapter 02: ''The Stones of Elly'' Elly, is not one of these Godlike blacksmiths. Elly was real worried about a war starting soon with these destructive weapons, So she tried to find a way to defend agaisnt them. And she found out, that with an special Crystal, and some few pixels infused, You can create an temporal barrier that will defend you from any kind of attack. As she collected more pixels and fused it with the crystal, The barrier became thicker and effectiver. These stones got popular real fast, and were produced in mass amounts, Even though, Nobody has gotten to the point to create a barrier than can truly protect you from any attack.   Chapter 03: ''Gravity Lord Rises'' With the time passing, Gaea did not know that there were already other smiths that had their same skill level. The Unknown Blacksmith (???) Was been called Mystery (Because no one knew him, duh) However, the only things known of Mystery, is that its skill on smithing are so high, he was Considered the Second God-like Blacksmith. He worked for a tyrant that desired the control over all the pixels of the world to turn into something so powerfull he would be considered a God.   Mystery, has crafted the Weapon known as the Gravity Lord Axe. Mystery by far, has created the most complex weapon of all. An weapon that does not uses magic. An weapon that is solely created with metals and technology. And its energy source are pixels. Mystery's weapon; The Gravity Lord Axe, is an Double-Axe that somehows manipulates the Gravity of an area with around 20 Meters in front from the user. Increasing the gravity so much that it will be so heavy that the ground explodes.   Lately, Mystery has created an trap: An pressure plate that when its touched, it increases the gravity of the victim, Making it ultra slow.   Chapter 04: ''Preparing for War'' As the rise of the Gravity Lord, No one could actually match Mystery Incredible Scientific Weapons, Not even gaea, The first smith, could damage The Gravity Lord.   And thus, With very little time, The Gravity Lord got control of 1/4 of the Entire world, with an incredible army of an ridiculous amount of soldiers, There was no actual power that could match The Gravity Lord. Remember Elly? The Third God-Like Smith: Grendel. Its her uncle. Grendel haves 400 Years, he survived for a very long time with the Power of life: Pixels. and also cause hes a freakin' Badass. Grendel, with the power of life (pixels) and Somehow, Magic. He had created the first Actual working ''Staff' on earth. At the beginning all it did was to spawn some confetti, but as grendel infused more magic and pixels on it, It started to create Thunders, And as you might expect, with the time he created an definitive thunder staff. Meanwhile, Lunas, The 4th God-like blacksmith, was forging his ultimate Weapon that he says that it will kill the Gravity Lord in a matter of seconds.   These two Blacksmiths: Grendel and Lunas, they were both preparing to fight agaisnt the tyrany of The Gravity Lord. (Oh By the way, Gaea died, But her weapon was been Kept.)   But not only those Two were the only agaisnt the gravity lord. There were other blacksmiths around the world, Trying to create weapons as good as Gaea, or Mystery. But that sadly (or happily) weren't that good.   Chapter 04 (Present) ''An Dimension of the Undead'' As Y/N (Y/N : Your Name) knew a little bit more about the history of the past, he created an portal to the Tyranic Dimension; Where the  Gravity Lord (Tyrant) and his Army is sealed. An Dimension created by someone that Y/N Will know about later, however, its only known that this dimension haves their souls sealed. Y/N Sensed adventure, so he hopped in. By the moment, he literally found nothing, Not even a soul, or atleast an structure. As Y/N Ended his search, he went back home, to rest a little, and keep searching another day.   Chapter 05 ''Gravity Lord Comeback'' (Before World's End) As the world was in the edge of total domination by the Gravity Lord, An person, who i am going to not going to spoil the surprise yet, has created some kind of magical teleporter, An seal. This person, only by his self, sealed the whole army and the Gravity Lord itself on a dimension he created, where there is nothingness, and where they will be stuck there, even after death.   The Conclusion for this war was way too simple... But, what the humanity didn't realised, is that this was only the beginning.   (Present)   Y/N has been quite a few days already on this dimension, he found undead soldiers, he/she put their souls to rest with its sword. But before leaving: he needed to do one more thing: Put the soul of the Gravity Lord to rest. With lots of days of research, with the infinite creativity and intelligence of Y/N He had discovered a way to bring the gravity lord soul to his location: Creating an teleporter. Y/N Summoned the gravity lord, Even though, it was nothing lovely. The Gravity Lord had incredible wrath, and he attacked Y/N. All its attacks were explosive since he still had the weapon Mystery created for him. Y/N Face was almost ripped off by a single attack of the Gravity Lord. He needed to escape because it was an way too hard fight. But Y/N Didn't gave up. He made some kind of plan to defeat the Gravity Lord, and with the Gravity Lord last breath: he speaks. ''Teran... I Could not avenge you..'' Y/N Sensed mystery behind all of this.. However, that was an story, he never would know... or atleast, not yet.  

To view recipes you will have to use Not Enough Items or an mod that shows you the recipes.

A Screenshot, Just to get you a little bit more interesed

Screenshoot of the V.0.03.5, I am wearing armor, these guys behind are undead gravity soldiers, and that weapon throwed is the Gravity Lord Axe




Version 0.01: Chapter 01 : Gaea Arrieves

+Added the Gaea Hammer, Can be upgraded 5 times. At the first tier, It will cause no explosion. At the second tier, It will cause an explosion.

+Added Pixels (Essential material of the mod used to upgrade weapons)

+Added Pixel Plant (You can find it in the world or use a few bonemeal until you get some pixel plants)

Version 0.011: Forum Update

+Added a better picture 100% Made with Clipstudio Paint

+Updated description and changed story a little.


Version 0.02: Chapter 01 : The Lost Alchemy


+Added 3 New Potions: 

The red one is called ''Improved Healing Potion'' It restores 4 Hearts instantly, and gives an regeneration effect (Lv 2) for 30 Seconds.

The Violet One Is called ''Vitality Potion'' It doubles your Health. For 300 seconds

And the Green one is called ''Energy Potion'' It increases your speed greatly, Jump ability and Mining speed for 300 Seconds

+Added More pixels: Tera and Peta. They have no current use. (Gosh i sure took a time making the Peta Pixel Texture)

+Added an LOOOOVELY Block: Mine Trap: It explodes once you touch it. You can use it to troll your friends. Its a little bit buggy though.

+Added Red Herb: Used to craft potions

+Added Ice Flower and Ice Tear: Used to craft potions.


Version 0.03: Chapter 02: The Stones of Elly


+Added an stone/crystal, whatever you call it, that you can upgrade up to 5 Times. It gives an protection effect when right clicked.

+Added an electrified Blade, My first animated item. Does like 2-10 Damage, im not very sure. Casts an lightning when right clicked on block.


V0.03.5: Chapter 03: Gravity Lord Rises

Whats been added: (i forgot 1 Sword texture here)

Gravity Pixel: An pixel dropped by the new mob: Undead Gravity Soldier. Used to craft gravity stuff

Gravity Soldier Sword: An sword that the undead gravity soldier haves. You can change its looks to 1, 2, 3 , 4 and 4.1

Metal Bone: Used to open the portal to the Undead Tyrant Dimension. I dont know why a bone...

Pixel Blast Plate: Used to create pixel-blast blocks and other stuff. Really resistant to blasts. REALLY.

Gravity Adjuster Green Core: Used to craft the Gravity Adjuster (Light)

Gravity Adjuster (Light): When stepped on, You become lighter. (Speed potion effect and jump effect)

Gravity Adjuster Red Core: Used to craft the Gravity Adjuster (Heavy)

Gravity Adjuster (Heavy): When stepped on, You become ultra slow, And you are so heavy that you can't jump. (Pressing spacebar repeadetely can make you walk faster, lol.)

Pixel Blast block: Super block that resist more blasts than obsidian.

Pixel Block: You can now get pixels by mining these blocks.

Dimension Channeler 1 (BLOCK) : Put these blocks in a nether-portal shape and right-click with the metal bone to open the portal to the undead tyrant Dimension.

New mob: Undead Gravity Soldier: These guys might be pretty strong and have a lot of health at the beginning, but after you get some of their pixels, and craft a set of armor and weapons, they're going to be like normal enemies. Though they still have some tough HP. They have 100-150 HP And does 6-14 Damage.

New Armor: Gravity Soldier Armor: the same armor the gravity soldiers have. They will grant you a real good protection. The Pigmans attack will even tickle.

New Armor: An dev item: The prinny cap will grant you the biggest protection. Creative only.

Changes: The Red Herb and the ice flowers are now rarer. Also the Electrified blade is now identified as a sword and no longer as an item. (It will now show its damage and it will have the same properties as a sword)

Known bugs: Prinny cap name is bugged


V0.04: Chapter 04: ''Preparing For War''

Item Textures:

+Added Aurum (Gold in Latin): An sword that its upgradable till Tier 4. Its not one of the main weapons of the story. Haves nothing of special.

+Added Fatum (Its meaning its kinda like: ''Weird'') An... Spear or shovel... That can be upgraded to 2 Tiers. Fatum and Giga Fatum

+Added Thunder Staff: One of the main weapons of the story, Upgradable 5 times. Its the most op weapon for now (i think)

To create staffs you need a basic staff.

+Added Basic Staff: does nothing. Just spawns a particle thats not visible on a block. Only on a plant or a small model. Used to craft other staffs

+Thunder Staff (Haves different Name) : Tier 1: Creates a lightning, Tier 2: Creates 4 Lightnings, Tier 3: Creates 4 Lightnings pretty Far from you, Tier 4: These lightnings are now even more far and explodes. Tier 5: Consumes less durability when creating lightnings, The lightnings will also be more far away from you, And their explosion will be 150% or 200% bigger (don't remember)

+Added Indestructible Blast Block: It takes ages to mine.. and its really resistant to explosions

+Added Gravity Pixel Block: Haves nothing in special. just for decoration

+Added Gravity Trampoline: When stepped, gives an awesome jump effect for 1 second. Its uses are only meant for parkour and dungeons.

+Added Gravity Trampoline Core: To create the Trampoline.


V0.04.1 Very small update. Not showing textures this time cause only 1 new one was added

+Changed the Overlord of God Wrath Staff. Now it fires 4 more thunders! Wow! Now thats much more balanced for its recipe. Definitely my favorite item now.

+Added a new potion. Fish Potion: Makes you a little bit hungry, Gives you water breathing (Well now, thats an useless potion) But atleast it is pretty cheap. (to craft)


V0.04.2 Lovely Bugfixes: Only bugfixes included here

+Gaea Hammer now does actual damage (._.) And its damage is now shown too. Its also now classified as Swords so you don't break anything in creative

+Elly's Definitive Ward (Elly Stone Tier 3) Now haves durability

+Added an new troll item: Totally not Death Note: Coz your character is retarded, you will write your own name. (Creative only, Can be found in dungeons im going to add in the future) How it works: Sets the player in survival mode and deals 5000 Hearts (10k Damage in total) to instantly kill it.

+Added Troll Note: Kills all the players LOL (Creative Only) How it works: sets all the players in gamemode 0, and gives them the instant damage effect lv 100 for 10 seconds


V0.05 Chapter 05: ''Gravity Lord Comeback''

+Added Gravity Teleporter (Spawner): An block that its pretty tough to craft, however, right clicking this block will produce an lightning, and also spawn the Gravity Lord. Go for it!

+Added Teran Gem: Gravity Lord's Son Gem. Used to craft PROTOTYPE Gravity Lord Armor

+Added Prototype Gravity Lord Armor: its texture might look lamer, but it really grants some very good protection.

+Added Gravity Lord (BOSS): Haves 1000 HEALTH!! Thats an challenge! well.. its probably going to be easy if you are using an overpowered mod weapon thingie... Or using Strenght Potions or something... However, this dude is pretty fast, and also his attacks does 65 Damage (20+ Hearts) per hit.  Tough Boss! If you defeat him, he will drop a Teran Gem. He gives a heck of a lot Exp (1k) He does not look as cool as the draws though. lol :9

Bugs: Gravity Soldier Armor is called Gravity Lord Armor for a reason. (There are 2 armors with the same name, but different properties)


V0.06 Spin-off  : ''Modern Warfare''

Added 15 new mods: 5 Items (Missiles) 10 New Guns. Too lazy to add more information

Thats all!

Modification files
The Lost Weapons - V0.04.1 Very Small Update adding a new potion & an changeUploaded on: 07/05/2017 - 17:05   File size: 310.51 KB
The Lost Weapons - V0.04.2 Adds 2 New Dev items, Also bugfixes (Im such a troll)Uploaded on: 07/05/2017 - 17:05   File size: 313.99 KB
The Lost Weapons - V0.05 Adds all the intended Gravity-related ContentUploaded on: 07/05/2017 - 17:05   File size: 341.22 KB
The Lost Weapons - V0.06 Modern Warfare: SO MANY EXPLOSION!!Uploaded on: 07/05/2017 - 17:05   File size: 466.66 KB

awesome art for all your stuff, also i like the idea of pixels being used, they are kind of like the fabric of reality for games.

you must be some kind of artist for those textures! and nice job of making the alchemy in your mod new and unique.

btw you spelt 'arrives' wrong in the title

@#4 Yes iam, i focus a lot on the textures, its really fun to do. And crap! im sorry for that XD I really do not speak english, i learned it all by myself by traducting the words one by one... Well, Thanks for telling me

Really a nice mod, Epic textures, keep doing mods like that :)

Can you do some textures for my mod?
if so then email mee

i like it but the hammers when thay expload mabby u could make armor then when crafted has plast resist 5 so you dont die